Will Your Home Impress Ms. or Mr. Right?

First impressions are very, very important when you want to attract Ms. or Mr. Right.  Your hair and personal grooming, your shoes and jewelry, and in general, your overall sense of style can turn-off, or turn-on a prospective suitor.

But, did you know that the same is true for first impressions of your home?  When that very important someone visits you for the first time what’s their first impression?  Of course, clean and neat is quite important to most people, so we want the place to be picked up.  But, what about your sense of style?  Does your home show that you have one?

There’s an easy way to make sure that it does.

Even if you only have a few pieces of furniture, and you’ve done your very best to create a nice home, you can impress visitors quite easily by showing that you have an appreciation for art.  That’s because when you decorate with carefully chosen, tasteful paintings or sculpture, you’re really adding a sense of your own personal style to your home, and more important, to your sense of style as an individual.

By hanging a simple painting that you love, or placing a piece of art glass that you think is absolutely delightful on your bedside table, you’re letting visitors know that you have a definite sense of style and appreciation for the finer things in life.  And, it’s a real win-win because you can enjoy seeing a lovely piece of art in your home every day, that at the same time, so beautifully compliments who you are.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  But how do you find a very special piece of art that you absolutely love, and more importantly can afford?  You certainly can go to Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel and buy popular wall hangings.  But to really differentiate yourself and create a unique style for your home, you should avoid decorating with manufactured art that anyone can buy.  It can be very expensive and it’s never, ever unique.

So, why not consider buying an original oil painting or a limited edition, signed and numbered print for your home?  Do you think that original art is too expensive or too much trouble to shop for and buy?

Well, the good news is that original art has never been more available or more affordable!  That’s because more and more artists are now selling their work directly to the general public on the internet.

Before the development of high speed internet access, and before e-commerce was widely accepted by the general public, artists sold their work through third party art galleries and by renting booths at art shows.  Neither method was very effective because both channels were costly and reached a very limited audience.

But now, thousands of art buyers have direct access to artists and to their work in virtual art galleries where buyers can easily and quickly browse through thousands and thousands of unique paintings, fine art photos and art objects.  It’s a trend that’s creating a whole new way to decorate homes and offices as people discover the beauty and value of buying original art directly from independent artists.

An exceptional website that features original art for home decorating and for collecting is http://discoveredartists.com/.  This website is a virtual, original art marketplace where artists can display their work, keep it in their studio and then ship directly to the buyer when they make a sale.  The site offers artists a place to display their work at a very low cost, and offers buyers a fast, efficient search engine, and secure shopping cart where you can purchase art using a major credit card.

DiscoveredArtists.com also offers buyers a satisfaction guarantee:  If you don’t love it, you can return it which is so important for buying anything online.  And, prices are surprisingly affordable.

Because it’s a low cost way for artists to market their work they can sell their work online at very reasonable prices.  An example of a great value is American artist Sharon Cummings’ Black Magic series.  The artist paints modern abstracts and sells originals, prints and giclees from her online art gallery on DiscoveredArtists.com.  Cummings’ Black Magic paintings are priced at $125 for an 11″ x 14″ original that is matted and ready to place in a standard, 16″ x 20″ frame.  Cummings is well established as one of the best selling artists online.  She paints in her studio in Florida full time to meet demand for her work.  The artist also accepts commissions.  Her original acrylic paintings are strikingly attractive, beautifully painted, and very much in demand by interior designers and collectors.  You can view her artwork at http://www.discoveredartists.com/gallery/SharonCummings .

Museum wrapped canvases are also very popular for home decorating because the paintings don’t require framing. Paint spatters on the deep, canvas edges actually add to the interest, although many artists “finish” the edges.  Russian born artist Nelya Shenkylarska’s landscape, Summer, is an 8″ x 10″ original oil on stretched canvas that is a lovely, little painting.  The painting sells for only $45 and is absolutely bursting with color.  Shenkylarska paints with a pallet knife that creates wonderful texture and catches the light beautifully.  She is a classical impressionist painter whose gallery includes figuratives, still lifes, florals and landscapes. Any one of Shenkylarska’s paintings would be a wonderful way to begin a collection of classic oil paintings by female, Russian émigrés (Yes, that’s how great art collections begin!).  View Shenkylarska’s artwork at http://www.discoveredartists.com/gallery/NelyaShenklyarska .

If you decide on a theme for your home décor or for your budding art collection it’s easy to search for particular types of art on DiscoveredArtists.com.  The gallery features three main categories of original and limited artwork that include wall hangings, fine art photographs and art objects.  A fast and efficient search engine lets you browse only for the type of art that interests you and that will work for the wall or area in your home you want to decorate.  You can search for paintings by size, color, price, style, theme, shape and more, and find artwork created by starting and emerging artists as well as by established, well known artists.  Paintings and prints on the website are priced from under $100 to many thousands of dollars, so you’ll find artwork that works for budget decorating as well as for serious art collecting.

But, what’s most important is that when you find that very special painting that you love and absolutely must have, you can be confident that your own, unique sense of style will impress your guests the first time and every time they visit.  So, introduce yourself to decorating with a few, lovely pieces of original art, and fill your home with style.  Your own, personal, very unique style!

About DiscoveredArtists.com
DiscoveredArtists.com is a marketplace for buying and selling original and limited edition artworks.  Independent artists sell directly to the general public.  Prices are set by the artists and artwork is shipped from the artist’s studio.   All major credit cards are accepted.  Artwork may be purchased online and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee of a full refund plus return shipping expense.

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