Who makes Pottery Barn furniture

MANY people seem to wonder about this. I have done some research around the Internet with no real answer.  If you do a Google search on “Who makes pottery barn furniture” you will most likely just get a lot of these new “Ask a Question” websites. The question is asked like a million times, but no answers. Anyway it seems that there are multiple providers. If you have a Pottery Barn item, and want to find out for yourself, you can do this easily. Every item is supposed have an information tag attached. This tag should include where the item is made.

So the answer to “Who Makes Pottery Barn Furniture” seem to be: There are many providers.

So why do people even care about this? Well it seems to be a common trend in the world. In the western world at least. People do care a little. Are the items made by children? Are they made by poor people in bad working conditions? and so on.

Many things nowdays are made in Asia, and most Pottery Barn items are not an exception. The reason for this is obvious.  Morally this may seem wrong, but it’s how the world runs today. China quailty is not what it was for a couple of years ago. 

Well let’s get back on topic. Pottery Barn is quality in most cases. I don’t think you should worry about who makes them, if quality is the issue. If it’s from a morally view that’s another case. I think you will actually need to contact Pottery Barn for yourself with a request for the product you would like to purchase to get a prober answer.


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