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When it comes to shoes that are preferred by teens, Vans is a name that is always on top of the list. Vans is a well- known manufacturer of footwear products, as well as apparel and accessories for the youth market. Among its famous products are sneakers, BMX shoes, skateboarding shoes, snowboarding boots and other types of footwear. It is an enormous hit among skateboarders, snowboarders, BMX riders, and surfers. This brand is recognized not only in the United States but in the whole world; and is one of the most sought- after footwear brands in today’s market. These products can be purchased from Vans stores, shops, boutiques, distribution shops, and in any Vans Outlet worldwide.

Why Many Prefer Vans Footwear?

Footwear products from Vans continue to rise in terms of popularity. They are not only popular among outdoor activity enthusiasts but to the general youth market, as well. Vans shoes are commended for their impeccable performance and guaranteed durability in various challenging conditions. They have high- quality features that suit the active lifestyle of young people. The popularity of Vans products are also intensified by endorsements of Vans- sponsored athletes who are very well- known in their respective fields. Vans footwear, as well as the brand’s apparels and accessories are admired when it comes to design, quality, and performance.

Company History

The first Vans store was opened by Paul Van Doren and his partners in Anaheim, California in March 16, 1966 and was named Van Doren Rubber Company. It became successful and its progress continued into the 1970s and continued to manufacture a variety of footwear products which gained enormous consumer response. By the end of the decade, Vans products were already sold in different states and were also offered in the international market by its partner dealers. However, because of debt and production problems, the business was forced into bankruptcy in 1983. Three years after, the company was able to cover all debts and recuperated from bankruptcy. In 1988, it was sold to an investing banking firm. Vans continued in the business and started manufacturing overseas by 1994. In 1998, the company continued to grow and have offered retail outlets in many cities in different countries.

Vans Factory Outlet

Vans Outlet Stores are stores that offer discounted Vans products. These stores are becoming the favorite of many shoppers because of the affordable prices of goods available. A Vans Factory Outlet offers authentic Vans items that are unsold in previous distributions. These old models are sent to outlet stores and their prices are marked down to be more saleable. There are also Vans products with minor manufacturing flaws which are also offered in cheaper prices than in regular stores. Despite their conditions, their quality remains intact and their performance is still guaranteed. Most items are sold within a 20- 40% discount range; while there are some whose prices are reduced further. Shoppers can avail of bigger savings and better deals during special day sales and promos.

Shoppers can also purchase via the internet through Vans Outlet Online. This online shop offers the same thrilling deals that a Vans Outlet offers, but with a more convenient shopping experience.

Malls with Vans Outlets

  • Allen Premium Outlets | Allen | TX
  • American Tin Cannery Outlets | Pacific Grove | CA
  • Anderson Premium Outlets | Anderson | CA
  • Arizona Mills | Tempe | AZ
  • Arundel Mills | Baltimore | MD
  • Barstow Outlets | Barstow | CA
  • Burlington Premium Outlets | Burlington | WA
  • Camarillo Premium Outlets | Camarillo | CA
  • Carlsbad Premium Outlets | Carlsbad | CA
  • Citadel Outlets | Los Angeles | CA
  • Colorado Mills | Lakewood | CO
  • Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets | Troutdale | OH
  • Concord Mills | Concord | NC
  • Desert Hills Premium Outlets | Cabazon | CA
  • Folsom Premium Outlets | Folsom | CA
  • Gilroy Premium Outlets | Gilroy | CA
  • Grapevine Mills | Grapevine | TX
  • Great Lakes Crossing | Auburn Hills | MI
  • Great Mall of the Bay Area | Milpitas | CA

  • Hagerstown Premium Outlets | Hagerstown | MD
  • Houston Premium Outlets | Cypress | TX
  • Jackson Premium Outlets | Jackson | NJ
  • Jersey Shore Premium Outlets | Tinton Falls | NJ
  • Katy Mills | Katy | TX
  • Lake Elsinore Outlets | Lake Elsinore | CA
  • Las Americas Premium Outlets | San Diego | CA
  • Las Vegas Premium Outlets | Las Vegas | NV
  • Ontario Mills | Ontario | CA
  • Orlando Premium Outlets – International Dr | Orlando | FL
  • Petaluma Village Premium Outlets | Petaluma | CA
  • Pismo Beach Premium Outlets | Pismo Beach | CA
  • Round Rock Premium Outlets | Round Rock | TX

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