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Vanity Fair Outlet: History and Basic Information

Vanity Fair or VF Corporations is an American apparel company that offers top- of- the- line denims, apparels, daypacks, and workwear to millions of avid patrons across the globe. These products are labeled with the most popular brands in the industry, and are considered to be one of the best- selling brand not only in the United States, but in other countries , as well. The company has several stores and Vanity Fair Outlet stores in various locations, in and outside of America. Its products are also available in department and specialty stores, as well as in dealer shops and boutiques.

VF Corporation History

VF Corporation was first named as Reading Glove and Mitten Manufacturing Company when it was established by John Barbey in Pennsylvania in October of 189. It was incorporated in the same year but was named Vanity Fair Mills in 1919 along with the launching of its undergarments products. In 1969, Lee Jeans was acquired by the company. It was then the name of the company was changed into VF Corporation to fit the wider product lines that they offer. It acquired Blue Bell, Inc, the owner of Wrangler and JanSport in 1986 that added to the popularity of the company.  On February of 2008, VF Corporation bought Majestic Athletic.

Vanity Fair Outlet History

Vanity Fair Outlet Stores was born out of a public sale that was held in the 1970s as suggested by the former VF Corporation President, M.O. Lee. The first sale was very successful that all of the items put on sale were sold out. Many people came despite the fact that the sale was only advertised through word of mouth. So many people flocked the event that even Lee himself, has to help out in the bagging and manning of the cash register. Because of the tremendous public response, Lee decided to schedule an even bigger sale, two weeks after that. The merchandise sold on the second sale came from various VF sources. It was another success, and so Vanity Fair Factory Outlet business was launched.

The very first outlet store was a 5,000 square feet store in Reading, Pennsylvania; and sold Berkshire and Vanity Fair surplus items. Only drop clothing separated the store from the manufacturing facility.  VF Corporation was among the very first to venture into the factory outlet business.

Vanity Fair Outlet Today

Today, Vanity Fair Outlet Stores continue to provide high- quality products from VF Corporation and its brands. Items in these stores are excess inventory, unsold old model, and slightly blemished products that were not sold in regular stores. Shoppers can save a lot as they are 20- 40% cheaper as compared to those in regular VF stores. There are also clearance sales and special day promos where prices are further reduced, saving money for customers to as much as or more than 50%.

Those who live far from an outlet store can purchase these same items through the Vanity Fair Outlet Online. This only shop allows people to browse through available products and place their orders. A Vanity Fair Outlet is usually found in outlet malls and centers, but there are also independent- standing outlets in selected areas.

Outlet Malls

  • Gulfport Premium Outlets | Gulfport | MS
  • Dry Ridge Outlet Center | Dry Ridge | KS
  • Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas | Primm | NV
  • The Williamsburg Outlet Mall | Williamsburg | VA
  • Lodi Premium Outlets | Burbank | OH

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