Unique Dollhouses to Add to Your Collection

When we think about what a dollhouse looks like, we are typically crammed with the picture of a traditional home, a Victorian style home, or perhaps a country cottage. These dollhouses bring about pictures of mom and dad in the kitchen while the youngsters play in their bedroom. It is all about using the imagination for family role-playing. But, there is a whole wide world of dollhouses outside the conventional house. These unique dollhouses will open up a new world of role-playing for children and new collectible chances for adults.

Each of these unique dollhouses opens up a lot of probabilities. Youngsters have the ability to use their imagination in all different settings. Youngsters and adults alike have the ability to grow their tiny collection with exciting and surprising structures.

The country store is a small dollhouse that may be used well as a display piece. It has true potential if adorned with care. The fire station is true to life and even encompasses the firemen?s pole. There’s room for fire wagons as well as a bunk area for the fire fighters. The barn includes areas for the animals as well as a wonderful loft.

These wood dollhouse kits are available from Real Good Toys, a great company that sells both unique and standard dollhouse designs. Some of the kits,eg the country store, come with small accessories.

There is a wonderful sense of achievement to building a dollhouse from nothing. Each of these designs creates something very different. The lighthouse kit boasts electricity, bringing the completed version to life. The church contains a ringing church bell. These dollhouse models are perfect as a relaxing past-time or maybe as a bonding experience for brothers or parent and child.

These five unique dollhouse designs are just the start. The barn, church, country store, New Britain lighthouse, and fire station are all great additions for miniature collectors.

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