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Tumi Outlet: Pocket- Friendly Shopping for the Quality Conscious Shopper

While many people suggest that traveling light is a great way to spend your escapade, this principle is sometimes not applicable; especially if you are traveling for business reasons or staying in a particular place for a long time. Thus, with all the stuff that people have to bring, a reliable luggage or travel bag is a must. Tumi Incorporated sees this need and answers it by delivering great performance luggage and bag products. Its luggage, suitcases, and bags manufactured and distribute by Tumi is recognized in many industries, and common people prefer using them. Aside from these products, the company also offers small leather goods, executive accessories, electronics, gifts, pens and other accessory products that are distributed through Tumi Stores, specialty stores and Tumi Outlet Stores. They are also found in department stores, dealer shops and stores of partner distributors.

Tumi is also recognized for its excellent customer service. They give out great deals and perks for their loyal customers. The Tumi website is also packed with things that every customer wants to know about the company. Its international popularity is greatly increasing as more and more people are beginning to get acquainted with the company and its quality products.

Histor y of Tumi Incorporated

Named after a Peruvian ceremonial knife used for sacrifices, Tumi Inc was founded by Charlie Clifford in 1975. This happened after Clifford’s stunt in the Peace Corps in Peru. The products manufactured by the company became popular in the 1980s because of innovation in delivering soft, ultra- functional, black- on- black ballistic nylon travel bags. These same products brought Tumi to the famous stature that it stands today. Throughout the 1990’s the company enjoyed a great increase in their patrons across the globe. And through its constant innovation, the company is able to deliver the latest high- quality products to these people.

About Tumi Factory Outlet

A Tumi Factory Outlet is a place where people can shop for second- hand, surplus merchandise or slightly defective Tumi products. These products did not make it to regular stores because of their conditions. Due to these, they are sold in Tumi Outlet Stores in very much lower prices. These items are often 20- 40% cheaper than when they are offered in regular retail stores. If you shop during special days like clearance sales and holiday promos, you can avail of much higher discount that can go as much as 50% to even 70% at some times. These are really big savings and perfect for those with tight shopping budget.

These same deals can also be found at the Tumi Outlet Online. This online shop caters to people who live away from factory outlets. When you shop for factory outlet items, it is common that you find some minor discrepancies on their exteriors but you can still count on their overall quality.

A Tumi Outlet can be found at outlet malls and centers. Start looking for the nearest factory outlet in your area today.

Outlet Malls

  • Desert Hills Premium Outlets | Cabazon | CA
  • Kittery Premium Outlets | Kittery | ME
  • Lee Premium Outlets | Lee | MA
  • Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets | Leesburg | VT
  • Manchester Designer Outlets | Manchester | VT
  • Orlando Premium Outlets – International Dr | Orlando | FL
  • San Marcos Premium Outlets | San Marcos | TX
  • Seattle Premium Outlets | Tulalip | WA
  • St. Helena Premier Outlets | St. Helena | CA
  • Tanger Outlet Center | Bluffton | SC
  • Tanger Outlet Centers I & II | Riverhead | NY
  • Waikele Premium Outlets | Waipahu | HI
  • Williamsburg Premium Outlets | Williamsburg | VA
  • Woodbury Common Premium Outlets | Central Valley | NY

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