They are All Scams and They Need to be Exposed!

As the recession presses forward many things like Customer Service, Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work are being thrown out the window.

Unfortunately, many people are resorting to thievery to make a living.  These people go by different names, but at their core – they are all the same.

Call them what you wish;  Robber, Bandit, Bad guy, One who steals, Criminal, Crook, One who is crooked, Swindler, Pickpocket, Raider, Scammer or Con-artist they all make life difficult for the ‘good guys’.  

The biggest threat to each of us is the BIG COMPANIES who prey on their innocent client base.  Often times people don’t have the capital to stand up for themselves and fight against massive Corporations.  

Bob Frick, Senior Editor of wrote, “Hard times breed both criminals and victims. People who are on the moral margin to begin with may turn to crime to make ends meet, says David Perry, of Trend Micro, an Internet-security firm. And people who wouldn’t ordinarily fall for some outrageous swindle, he says, might take a chance in the hope of offsetting losses in their stock portfolios. Perry says that starting a year ago there was a “fantastic upturn” in financial scams. That’s about when the slide into the bear market began. (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, January 2009)

Writer Merideth Farkas explains her experience with bad customer service, “In an economy where there’s lots of competition for a smaller and smaller number of dollars, good customer service becomes an issue of survival. While product is important, customer service can make the difference between creating a life-long customer and losing a loyal customer. I’m sure we’ve all heard those wonderful stories about Zappos refunding customers for shoes long after the final return date and Nordstrom refunding a customer for his snow tires (or was it chains?), an item they do not actually sell. It’s good experiences like that which make us loyal, even if their prices aren’t necessarily the lowest. I’ve had some great customer service experiences that have permanently wedded me to those companies or service people. I still get my hair cut by the same person (in FLORIDA!) who I’ve been going to for years. But just as good customer service can make people fiercely loyal, bad customer service can lose much more than a single sale.”  (From:

The invention of the Internet has made many things we do each day easier and more convenient.  Never before has it been so easy to start a business and offer products / services nationwide and even worldwide.  Unfortunately the convenience of the internet is shared by both the “good guys” and scammers.

A few thoughts came to mind when we decided to create,

Thought #1:
Free classified websites like Craigslist, Kijiji, Backpage, USFreeAds and others have made it possible for virtually anyone to advertise their product and/or service free of charge.  These websites are great resources for business owners.  Unfortunately, even the scammers and con-artists have access to these websites.  

Thought #2:
At first glance anyone can appear to be a large, well funded business.  Hidden behind the facade of “Virtual Offices”, “Virtual Answering Services”, “Virtual Secretaries” and similar services; it is no wonder that so many people get conned and scammed on a daily basis.  
Thought #3:
There are well known companies, which are house-hold names, who steal from consumers on a daily basis.  This theft is disguised behind an endless barrage of deceit, lies and greed


Thought #4:
Victims need to end their silence.  It is important that the victims of scams and fraud share their experience with ALL.  If scammers are going to be put behind bars, if companies are going to be shut down, if justice is ever going to be served it is essential that victims share their experience.

The only way we can stop the scammers is if we band together.  Everyone needs to know about the fraudster who lied and deceived you.  The Government, Consumer Protection Agencies, Merchant Account providers, Merchant Service Providers and others need to be notified. is a one of a kind company which was created to help those who have been scammed. 

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