The Right Coffee Table For You

Coffee tables are nice additions to your family room or living room. We spend most of our time on the big items like the couch or the dining room set, but we also appreciate a nice center piece to our living rooms. When shopping we consider the price and how it will look in our homes. Many stores realize that and offer great selection to meet those needs. This article will review some examples of coffee tables and the prices in which they are selling. There is a coffee table to meet most everyone’s needs.

One store which has a great deal of appeal to the shopper is Ikea. They have developed a great system to provide consumers with attractive furniture for moderate prices. One table which they have is the Markor. It is a wood piece with two drawers, and it is made of solid pine. The designer is Carina Beng, and it is a reasonable $169. It has only one level compared to others which might have a second shelf underneath. However, it is a beautiful coffee table.

Some people are satisfied with the nice table top sitting at the front of their sofa. A Lack table at Ikea serves as that, and it comes in a pretty white color. It is a long table to set your decorations up or to serve your tea at parties. This table is a very good deal at $40.

More substantial tables are available at other stores like JCPenney. They have many pieces of furniture for the home, and one of their beautiful coffee tables is the Pyramid table. It is shaped into a flat-topped chest. It can store things as a chest, and it has latches similar to a real chest. It has an oak finish and costs about $200.

JCPenney has such a nice selection, and there are many tables to choose from. Another nice table is the Dunbar Storage Cocktail table. It’s a very beautiful piece with six drawers with brass handles. A lovely characteristic about this table is its round knob legs. This allows the table to be low setting. It is a beautiful table and is $299.

Pottery Barn has rather modern furniture which suits certain people’s needs. One can find many stylish pieces such as the Tanner coffee table. It is all glass with two levels. It is supported by hammered-iron frames, and it has a simple but elegant appearance. This sells for $399 and is a sight to see.

The Chloe table also comes from the Pottery Barn. It is a single level hardwood table. It is long yet has a sleek appearance. The legs are slightly flared near the bottom. It is $300, and the customer can choose the finish of the wood.

This is only a small list of coffee tables, but checking out websites and going to your preferred stores is the best way to choose. Deals are usually available, and sometimes, prices can be negotiated. Again, there are many stores and many coffee tables, so if you keep searching, the right price and table will appear.

Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer. Her current area of specialism is console tables, kitchen design and sofa bed
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