Show off Your Skills Online With These Top Tips!

 Nowadays it takes more than advertising to get people to notice your skills, let alone have an interest in hiring you to do a job. Whether you’re a graphic designer, freelance writer, copywriter, ecommerce expert or an expert in some other specific niche there are many things you can do to show off your skills online.  Depending on your goals and intention, keep in mind that thinking outside the box will probably get you the most attention and the trick is how you go about getting that attention.

If you’re interested in calling prospects to your skills in an effort to gain a freelance gig or online job, you’ll want to focus on publishing your work on a consistent basis and in a few different ways.  You’ll want to run at least 1 blog, offering freebies in the form of advice if you’re skill is written or maybe you’d like to offer free weekly graphics- even if they’re simple. The goal is to create an online portfolio while at the same time creating an authority persona because the more people look to you for your skills, the more work you’ll find.  

You should also think about putting together a website at Squidoo and Facebook so you can put together some strong networks. The Squidoo site allows you the creative ability to market yourself while at the same time creating followers you can create and maintain a positive relationship with. You might even find others promoting your websites for you!

You can get a little more creative to really put a spin on your talents! Consider doing something like creating a totally zany website based on the talent that you have in a way that is funny but not insulting.  Do something that would make someone else think “my friends/family have got to see this!”  Let’s say you really love pottery and you make several pieces of your own pottery each week. You could create a website that focuses on how these new pieces are up for adoption!

If you don’t design websites yourself, have a designer create a new “barn home” page for each piece, complete with beds, a playpen, etc.  You could offer sponsorship opportunities ($1 a week to help pay for boarding expenses for example) and adoption opportunities where website visitors can buy your pieces outright and give them a good home.

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