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Scenic Seattle luxury homes have attracted affluent Americans who want something a little artsy, a little edgy, but very outdoorsy and calming. The surrounding waters of Puget Sound, Lake Washington and Lake Union, in combination with the 922,651 acres of forestland at Olympic National Park, provide unsurpassed tranquility and natural beauty. Residents of Seattle luxury real estate take every advantage of their green pastures, towering pines, sandy beaches and idyllic waterfront trails by progressively walking, biking, kayaking and hiking. The train system, bike lanes, ferry system and easily accessible marinas provide alternate routes of travel around the city.

Baby boomers know Seattle as Money Magazine’s “Best City in the West” (1996), Fortune’s “Best City for Work and Family” (1996) and a hub for entrepreneurship, small businesses and technology. Because of its reputation as the home of Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee, Bill Gates and grunge music, many young professionals gravitate toward Seattle luxury homes too. People here very much believe in maintaining a sense of community, philanthropy and environmental-friendliness, which makes Seattle luxury real estate that much more intriguing.

The Queen Anne neighborhood is the hub of Seattle luxury real estate, with homes ranging from $200,000 to $1 million. Atop the 520-ft. hill stands a myriad of elegant restored “Queen Anne” Victorian houses situated next to upscale boutiques, five-star restaurants, cozy bistros and tourist destinations like the Space Needle and Kerry Park. For lovers of wrap-around porches, polychromatic paint, rounded turrets and ornamental architecture, the Seattle luxury homes of Queen Anne are prized. Just eleven minutes from downtown, with a stellar view of the blue Puget Sound waters and the downtown skyline, this neighborhood is worth every penny.

Seattle luxury homes can also be found in the University District. The average price tag runs between $400,000 and $600,000 for these Cape Cods, Craftsmans, Art Decos, Neo-Classicals and Tudor Revivals. The preservation effort to maintain this section as a combination of “diverse architecture” and “social heritage” is fierce. Some of the best shopping is down on “The Avenue,” with a plethora of diverse shops like Shiga’s Imports and Five Doors Up shoes, as well as the massive U-Village upscale shopping center that houses everything from the Pottery Barn and Aveda to Juicy Couture and H&M. Following an $8 million street project, U-District Seattle luxury real estate increased its value with widened sidewalks, added landscaping, outdoor art, new streetlights and park benches. Large turn-of-the-century homes are right around the corner from the Washington Park Arboretum, the Burke Museum and the Henry Art Museum, which caters to high taste.

Seattle is also nationally recognized for having the highest concentration of LEED-certified eco-friendly buildings. Residents of Seattle luxury homes compost in their backyards, buy eco-friendly furniture at Crate and Barrel, pick up organic sheets and towels at One Earth One Design and purchase Forest Stewardship Council approved lumber at Home Depot. New urbanism designs are taking hold in Seattle luxury real estate, where homeowners can live, work and play all within walking distance from their estates. It’s clear upon first glance that the Seattle vibe is truly unique.

There are many enclaves of Seattle luxury real estate known for natural beauty and proximity to cool shops and tasty restaurant thoroughfare. Seattle luxury homes typically have gorgeous views of Puget Sound, the mountains and the downtown skyline.

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