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Royal Doulton Outlet: The Best £100 Investment John Doulton Made

When we talk about tableware, dinnerware, cookware, and the like, we often associate The Royal Doulton Company to it among others. It may have been a latecomer compared to its competitors like the Spode, Wedgwood, and Minton. However, you won’t ever find anything amateurish in the products sold in Royal Doulton outlet stores.

The company has three brands: Royal Doulton, Royal Albert, and Minton. These brands compose the Doulton Home, which as of today, part of the Waterford Wedgewood group. Most of the pieces you’ll find today in the Royal Doulton outlets are manufactured in China. This rings true as well for the products of Royal Albert and Minton.

The £100 Investment

In 1815, John Doulton made a £100 investment to create a stoneware factory in Lambeth, London together with Martha Jones and John Watts. He literally used all his life’s savings in order to make this move, for which he would never regret later on. This, in fact was creating history for the Royal Doulton Company and what is is known today as a world-class brand in quintessential British tableware, collectible figures, crystals, cookware, glass, and giftware.

In 1956, Lambeth factory closed due to clean air regulation which prevented urban production of salt glaze. Afterwards, the work was transferred to The Potteries.

You can find these information and more at the Royal Doulton online outlet. You can also browse throught their latest collection and order them directly from the website.

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