Riverview Chicago Condos - Best And Most Beautiful Chicago Condos

When you are looking for a place to stay in Chicago, you need to look into the RiverView Chicago Condos. Located next to the Chicago River, they offer a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. Most importantly, you will want to make sure that the surrounding area has everything that you can want to match this gorgeous neighborhood. It is located in a place that is very accessible to everything. You will be able to reach most of the shops and other neighborhood areas within thirty minutes. Taking a trip through the surrounding area, you will see that this is a good choice when looking for Chicago condos to call home.

Facing the RiverView Chicago Condos, you will notice North McClurg Court running on the west side of the buildings. Going five blocks down will bring you to Starbucks for coffee. The next block will bring you to the CBS studios and one more block down will bring you to the VA Hospital and all the small clinics that it has available. Coming back to the front of the RiverView Chicago Condos, you can turn left and travel down the beautiful river walk along the Chicago River. As you stroll down past Columbus Drive, you will soon come to the wonderful University of Chicago and the NBC Tower. Going on the riverwalk a little longer will bring you right up to Michigan Avenue. Michigan Avenue is stretched over a mile and offers the shopper with over 460 stores to choose from. If you need it or want it, you will definitely be able to find it here.

Turning down Michigan Avenue will bring into view stores and shops galore. Directly on the right after leaving the riverwalk, you will see the Tribute Tower. Continuing down Michigan Avenue, you will be able to enjoy shopping at such stores as the Gap, Guess, Eddie Bauer, Cartier, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Ralph Lauren, Pottery Barn, and Tiffany & Company are also along the left side of Michigan Avenue. Traveling up Michigan Avenue and over to the right will take you to Chicago Avenue. You can enjoy the Looking Glass Theatre and the Museum of Contemporary Art. These are amazing places to visit if you are culturally centered. If you choose something a little less crowded and more relaxing, you can visit one of the many parks along Chicago Avenue. If you are into the nightlife and food of Chicago, Michigan Avenue will not disappoint you. You can get everything from a famous Chicago steak to the quaintest of coffee and tea shops.

Directly across from the RiverView Chicago Condos is, of course, the Chicago River. You can ride across and visit the many businesses there. The Blue Cross Blue Shield building is also located on that side of the river. The Hard Rock Hotel, across the Chicago River, is for those that want a bit of trendy fun. Finally, you can look to the East and see the majestic Lake Michigan. The RiverView Chicago Condos overlook this river and allow you to stand on your private balcony and enjoy. Nothing can be better than the exquisite view that awaits you from atop the RiverView Chicago Condos.

Scattered through the surrounding neighborhood, you will find some of the most prestigious shops and restaurants. Bike riding tours, studios of dance, and water tours are also available for anyone with the urge to explore and expand. If relaxing at home is not enough for you can find some of the most mind and body freeing spas in Chicago. You can be certain that all of them are right near the beautiful RiverView Chicago Condos. Not only will you be able to get to work every day with ease, you will be able to shop and relax at the parks without going far from home. Each and every season also shows off the beautiful surroundings with fireworks and flowers and festivals galore. With the RiverView Chicago Condos, you will have luxury homes with the finest amenities and you will be surrounded by the finest of Michigan Avenue and of everything else it offers.

Keith Frank writes about Chicago new construction condos. He lives in the Gold Coast with his wife.
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