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Rawlings Outlets: The Official Baseball Gears

Generally, athletes know that choosing and using the right sports equipment is very important to succeed in any sport he/she is performing. In baseball, for example, choosing durable, lightweight, and greatly shaped bat is very important. This would allow the batter to make a perfect swing and hit the ball with great amount of force he/she can without breaking the bat (for wooden ones). On the catcher’s part, having the right protection gear is crucial since it would be his/her defense against injuries and any untoward incidence after the ball is hit by the batter. The materials used for the gears should be robust and tough as to absorb the shock of the ball. Hence, getting the best materials from sporting goods stores such as Rawlings outlets would be the wise thing to do.

Founded as early as 1887, Rawlings is a U.S. based sports equipment manufacturing company, more specifically, baseball equipments. Its parent company is Jarden, Inc. Moreover, besides baseball equipments Rawlings outlet stores also sells softball, basketball, training equipment and American footballs.

Spalding No More

Prior to 1977, Spalding used to be the official supplier of baseballs on major leagues which lasted for a century. However, in 1977, Rawlings succeeded Spalding and had been the official supplier for major leagues ever since. In addition, the company created the MLB Gold Glove Award and sponsors the Minor League Baseball, “Rawlings Woman Executive of the Year” award.

A lot of major leagues endorse Rawlings equipments specially their baseball gloves which have for series lines, namely: the Gold Glove, the Heart of the Hide, the Pro Preferred, and the Primo Gloves.

You can find more information about Rawlings sports equipments and products at the Rawlings online outlet.

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