The Pottery Barn is a very well-liked brand owned by Williams Sonoma that started its business around 1950s. More and more Americans, Canadians and even international customers find Pottery Barn merchandise classy, long-lasting, trendy and unique. The Pottery Barn also launched its online outlet in the year 1995 and soon it became popular as their other outlets are present in the American and Canadian mainland. So, for those who want to have their homes and their rooms to have a Pottery Barn look, save the car trip and go to Pottery Barn Online website. They have a better selection online. They have wonderful and worth the price merchandise.

Website Design and Ease of Navigation


The Pottery Barn Online Store’s website is very user friendly and everything is just a click away and there is more of a selection of merchandise than what you would find at your local store. The images are clear, prices marked, even if they are on sale, and the descriptions are wonderful. Sometimes the stores clear out the old merchandise to make way for the new and you might not be able to find a particular item, but online they keep it until it sells out so you will be able to have that extra chance of purchasing it.

The website has been divided into different sections. They have a list of their regular outlets and each section features different group of products together. The site is also equipped with a comprehensive site map to guide the online visitor properly. Their online store also offers the viewers with information about the location of the different Pottery Barn outlets and how to locate a Pottery Barn outlet near you. The sitemap provided on the website confidently displays the main product groups and under each product the available product type is displayed to provide an ease of selection for the viewers. You have been provided with an option to have a look on the different product types independently or you can select an option to view all of the product types together.

The main page of the site informs you about the discounts, the items with free shipping and sales they offer.


They have Pottery Barn Kids Online Store, too. It is the junior version of the regular Pottery Barn stores. Selling everything from classic-looking children’s furniture to bedding to toys, Pottery Barn Kids Online Store offers something for everyone.

This online store is simply superb. Most well-liked of PBK’s products contain that extraordinary combination of beauty and durability, and the online shopping experience is efficient and effortless. Now, the tough part is picking out all the assorted choices or wonderfully themed products.

The Pottery Barn Kids Online Store web site is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. The home page presents featured sales and seasonal items, and the navigation is broken into basic categories of Baby, Kids, Gift and Occasions, Shop Rooms, Registry (for their gift registry service), and Sale. When you hover around each main category brings up a sub-menu for more ease in finding exactly what it is you are looking for. I’ll just say that aesthetically, the website’s design is much like its products: clean, classic, and tasteful. I am able to find everything with relative ease, and various photos of a single item in different room arrangements make decision-making as clued-up as it can be online.

I actually spent quite some time picking out all the bathroom accessories, they have it all there. I love the their beautiful Collection geared right for children to love and grow with. They even had all the bathroom accessories that I could pick from that would go perfect with the towel, bath mat and shower curtain I picked out. They have many styles and selections that you could choose from. You don’t have to worry about your local store not carrying the product and trying to find it at another store.

Wait for the clearance sales. Pottery Barn Kids has semi-annual clearance sales–and you can get off to 75 percent off the regular price on select merchandise. The best way to keep an eye on PBK’s sales is to check their website regularly. Click on the Sale link, then Clearance. Of course, it’s always risky to wait for an item to go on a sale–PBK is known for selling out of popular items, and once an item is gone–it’s gone!


Pottery Barn also commenced Pottery Barn teen. Pottery Barn teen website has several categories: Girls Bedding, Guys bedding, Furniture, Rugs and Windows, Bath, Lighting, Accessories, Backpacks, Shop rooms, PBdorm, Gifts, and Sale. Pottery Barn teen includes modish, exclusively designed lifestyle collections for your bedrooms, study and lounges. Pottery Barn teen offers the products mostly matched to the taste of your teens.


If the prices seem too high for you, browse the clearance section—even furniture items go on sale, and some products are discounted up to 75%.

If you’re trying to scrimp and save, don’t visit this site. Heck, don’t even think about this site. Go hit a few yard sales instead. But if you’re in search of sturdy, classy décor for your home and for the kiddos, and don’t mind forming another addiction, Pottery Barn Online outlet, PBteens and Pottery Barn Kids are truly the place for you.

Honestly, I could spend hours browsing these sites. In fact, as a mom, I do spend hours browsing Pottery Barn Kids’ site! Everything is just wonderful for my kid, I would want to buy them all!

By the way, here are the sites for Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids in Canada:

Well, I hope this article helps! =)

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