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Most furniture buffs know about Pottery Barn—the US-based chain of home furnishing stores with outlets throughout the country as well as Canada. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it sells such items as furniture, tableware and other furnishing accessories that include popular Pottery Barn brands as Bed and Bath, and Kids and Threads. Here you’ll know what’s to find in a Pottery Barn online outlet.

The Main Website

So, the main website of Pottery Barn is www.potterybarn.com, and it is from here that such other related sites as Pottery Barn Kids, Bed and Bath and Outdoor Spaces can be accessed. There are several, easy to access furniture categories noted beneath the title bar, such as Outdoor, Rugs and Windows, which, when the appropriate pull-down choice is selected, will open a catalog of those particular types of furniture for viewing.

Above the furniture category tabs are various clickable topics such as room ideas, design tips and videos which are intended to assist a do-it-yourself designer with mixing and matching the various products available from Pottery Barn to create the kind of living space they want.

Near the bottom of the page are links to the other Pottery Barn websites, as well as links for shopping for particular items, assistance requests, and more information on Pottery Barn itself.

Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen

The category setup of Pottery Barn Kids is similar to that of the main Pottery Barn website in that these are located beneath the title bar. The website focuses on items which are needed by babies, toddlers and children, such as cribs, bedding, lamps, and rugs. Such furniture as bean bags, as well as clothing for children, can be purchased from here. An electronic catalog can be requested for by purchasers via email.

PBteen focuses on products which appeal to teens 10 – 15 years of age. Given the distinction between the sexes at that age group, there are separate item categories for boys and girls, and the furniture sold, while of the same general types as that of kids, is thus differentiated. As with Pottery Barn Kids, an electronic catalog can be requested for by emailing.

Bed and Bath and Outdoor Spaces

Pottery Barn does not confine itself to indoor stuff. It’s also a good store to shop for outdoor and bed and bath furniture and fixtures. Every Pottery Barn online outlet for these products are already convenient on their own but the catalogs are an added bonus.

The catalogs for Bed and Bath and Outdoor Spaces are available by online request through the Pottery Barn main website. Like in the other categories, catalogs requested will be delivered electronically.

The emailing service of Pottery Barn makes it appealing to consumers who wish to be provided a quick way to view products that suit their purposes. Apart from what’s shown in the website, the catalogues deliver a welcome alternative to shopping to a physical store. Of course, items ordered are subject to shipping conditions and rules.

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