Pottery Barn Kids Coupons

Finding just the right Pottery Barn Kids Coupons you want has never been too easy. Get $5 off that pink $99 nursery bedding you have been eyeing. Take pleasure in buying bookcases, rugs and tabletops at discounts of up to 75%. Save on shipping costs when you make your purchase. You never have to pay full price if you know how to get those coupons! Here’s how:

Try the Store

Launched in 1999, Pottery Barn Kids has since mushroomed to more than 90 stores throughout the US and Canada. Not all stores offer coupons but some do. Try the nearest store and simply ask if they have an existing coupon for the item you want.

The catch is, coupons go fast. The demand is high and they expire. So even if a store does offer coupons, do not expect it to have coupons all the time.

Have It Delivered

You can make the coupons come to you. Sign up to receive Pottery Barn Kids mail-order catalogs which come with coupons—if you are not getting any yet. Go to http://www.potterybarnkids.com/ and click on Catalog Request. Enter your mailing information.

Naturally you do not want a deluge of catalogs that you do not need. (It is estimated that Pottery Barn, which operates Pottery Barn Kids, distributes 140 million catalogs each year.) No worries. You can tweak the way catalogs are mailed to you. On the same webpage, look under the Contact Info section and click on Catalog Mailing Options. Input your preferences as to how many catalogs you like to receive and how often.

Then again, if you’re not into catalogs, you can join Pottery Barn Kids’ e-mail list. You will receive regular e-mail updates on new arrivals and special promotions. These e-mail updates will occasionally contain “savings certificates” which are actually printable coupons. To join the list, go to the Pottery Barn Kids homepage, click on Customer Service and type in your e-mail details.

Get It Online

Now you can wait for the mail or you can take the initiative. You can go online and visit any site that gives Pottery Barn Kids coupons, discounts, and promos currently available. There are plenty of such sites to choose from and you may want to check several of them. These sites are updated regularly so check back frequently.

All you have to do is copy the coupon code and use it when making an online or in-store purchase. Just make sure the coupon is still valid before you finalize the transaction.

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