Pottery Barn Clearance

I guess you are in the same situation as me.I guess you wouldn’t come to this site if you didn’t! hehe.
I just simply love to buy new stuff for my home. And where do I buy them? Pottery Barn ofcourse.
Me and my boyfriend moved from Norway last year. We bought our home for about 9 months ago. In 9 months I belive I’ve used 30.000$ on Pottery Barn. I simply love everything they have. Back in Norway we don’t have anything like that. Well we have Ikea, but it’s not really the same.

Anyway, back on topic. Sometimes Pottery Barn need to make some space for new items. Then they run a clearanse sale. If you visit Pottery Barns homepage, they have their own clearance sale section. Obviously, the term Clearance sale might just be a “trick” to get more customers. Anyway, most of the times you can get great item for heavily reduced prices. So if you are running out of money, and “need” Pottery Barn items, I would suggest looking in the Pottery Barn Clearance section.
If you go to PotteryBarn homepage you can access the sale section, and you will find Pottery Barn Clearance items. Have a look.

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