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If you are a shopper looking for a coffee table, you may know already what you want or you may sift through many ads then travel to many stores. This article can give you a small idea of what is out there and the prices which you may find. Many stores like Ikea, Target, or Sears sell very nice pieces of furniture for reasonable prices. You can also get many higher end pieces at other retailers such as furniture stores or other merchants like Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn.

One piece is a coffee table sold online. It is a modern type called the Contemporary 48-inch coffee table. It is a tempered glass-top coffee table that is rectangular in shape. The legs are located at the ends and form a unique x-shape. The legs are made of wood, and a wood panel sits underneath as a second shelf. This goes for $190, and it would accent a modern living room well.

Another table is the modern 38-inch black mesh coffee table. This smaller table would fit well in a contemporary home that would like to save on space. It has an oval glass top supported by metal legs in an arch form. Connected to the legs are four posts which hold the glass atop. Within the posts is a mesh which can be used as an extra shelving. This sell at $97.

A wonderful coffee table which has a slight elegance is the Diamond Inlay coffee table. It would fit well in a homier setting with larger living room pieces such a tan, fabric or leather sofa. It is made of wood and rectangular in shape. It has legs, hand-carved that give it more distinction. The top is veneer and the apron has diamond inlays. This table is $220.

Depending on the type of wood and the craftsmanship, some coffee tables can hold a bit of a larger pricetag. However, they could still be worth the money. Two very beautiful coffee tables are sold at Crate and Barrel. One is the Dover coffee table. It is very traditional with one layer with no second shelving. It is made of mango wood but stained a clover color. It is rectangular in shape, and sells at $499.

The next table at Crate and Barrel is a Display small coffee table. It is a smaller version of the original Display table. This is also a beautiful wood piece which contains two drawers to hold knick knacks. It is 4 1/2′ long with a glass top sitting within the wood. This is also made of mango wood but stained a walnut color. The drawers are pulled with bronze knobs giving it a sturdy and authentic look.

One very popular store today is Ikea. They sell very appealing furniture for very good prices. There is a huge selection at this store, however, one example is the Lilleberg. It is rectangular, and the legs have a slant downward to allow for a lower shelf which is wider. It is catching to the eye, and it is only $70. It is made from birch with a clear lacquer.

There is a much larger selection, but this has been a small description of the types of coffee tables available. These are all very nice tables fitting in the setting of many rooms.

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