Penneys Outlet: Real Cost- Saving Shopping Destination

Penneys is a brand that is well- known in big cities in the European continent. Also known as Primark, the company is famous for designing, manufacturing, and retailing apparel products for men and women. This brand is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods pls (ABF) and managed through the Wittington Investments by the Weston family. With its main headquarters located in Ireland, it has stores and Peeneys Outlet stores in various locations in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Belgium and Spain.

Penneys clothing products are well- known throughout major European countries because of their chic designs and guaranteed quality. Through technological advancements and innovations in manufacturing, the company was able to maintain and even improve the quality of its products. Penneys products are suited to the budget end of the consumer spectrum. It uses cheap but top- quality materials and fabrics, so it is able to sell these products in budget costs. The brand is also starting to gain recognitions and patrons from other areas of the world through online marketing.

Company History

Penneys, or most widely known as Primark, was established on June of 1969. Its first store was opened in Mary Street, Dublin. For only one year in the business, it was able to branch out four more stores which were located in the Greater Dublin Area. Its first large store outside of Dublin was erected in 1971 in Cork; and by the end of the year, 11 more stores were established in Ireland and North Ireland.

The expansion of Primark was so rapid that by 1973, it already has 18 stores in Ireland, and started doing business in the Great Britain. The first UK store was opened the following year in Derby and then in Bristol. In a matter of a decade, 18 more stores were added. Primark also acquired other companies and store chains in the 1990s, followed by its expansion to other European nations. By December of 2010, Primark already had 38 stores in Ireland, 150 in the UK, 19 in Spain, 3 in Germany, 2 in the Netherlands, 2 in Portugal, and 1 in Belgium.

Penneys Factory Outlet

Penneys products are already considered affordable for many, that is why it has countless patrons scattered over Europe. But these prices are further reduced in Penneys Outlet Stores. These stores sell old Penneys product models that were unsold for some time, and those that were slightly damaged during manufacturing. If you like the low prices of Penneys products in ordinary stores, you will sure to love their lower prices in factory outlets. Shoppers can purchase Penneys items that are 20- 45% cheaper as compared to regular stores.

People who cannot avail of deals in a Penneys Factory Outlet can still have these discounted items through Penneys Outlet Online. This online shop is open to everyone especially for people living outside of Europe. You can start browsing for available products today and place your orders through this online store.

If you want real cost- saving shopping, visit a Penneys Outlet today.

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