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Pendleton Outlet: A Family Trade of Woolen Blankets and Garments

Clothing industry ever since the earlier years are deeply influence by pop culture. Consumers often go for apparels, shoes, etc, that are endorse by famous and influential people. Hence, entertainers, artists, celebrities are commonly chosen as endorsers of product brands. Back in 60s, from a little-known band called the Pendletons, whom had taken their name from the classic Pendleton wool plaid shirt, heavily influenced the American youth with the Pendleton shirts fad when they became a hit and were popularly known as The Beach Boys. This style of shirts is still being sold today in Pendleton outlets.

Founded in 1863 by Thomas L. Kay, Pendleton Woolen Mills is now known today as an American apparel manufacturing company which has it’s based in Portland, Oregon in the United States.

When Kay migrated to the U.S. and settled in Oregon, he started working in woolen mills there. Kay as a weaver by trade prior to coming to America and with his skills and experience in working with various textile mills on the east coast, later on decide to open up his own woolen mill in Salem. Kay’s oldest daughter, Fannie Kay, was able to learn the operation and management of the mill through his father’s guidance who then became her father’s assistant. Fannie married merchant Charles Pleasant Bishop which also became a union of Kay’s company and the Bishop enterprises which combined and strengthen the manufacturing and retail sales of their products. They had three sons whom they bestowed their expertise and knowledge of the family’s trade.

The family then moved and settled in Pendleton, Oregon and the Bishops took over the old abandoned Pendleton Woolen Mills to begin their business there. Their first produce was Indian blankets with new designs, colors, and patterns unlike the ones that were previously made in the old mill that became a flop and caused the demise of the old company. The newly designed blankets were highly coveted by vintage Indian blanket collectors. These blankets had not only been used as basic apparel but were regarded for trading and ceremonial use.

The company is still under the management of the Bishop family. The company now operates eight facilities and 70 retail stores and Pendleton outlet stores all across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and China.

You can find more information about the company’s history and products at the Pendleton online outlet.

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