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Nordstrom Outlet: Shoe Store Gone Department Store

Getting all the things in one shop is really great. This would mean that you’ll be wasting time instead of wasting one going from one store to another. Hence, going to department stores is really advisable if you are shopping for more than just clothing, accessories, and shoes. Among the list of upscale department stores today are Nordstrom outlets.

Founded in 1901 by Swede immigrant, John W. Nordstrom, and Carl Wallin, Nordstrom started out as a shoe store in Seattle and was formerly known as Wallin & Nordstrom. John and his wife had five children, where three of them eventually followed into the family business: Elmer, Everett and Lloyd. When Elmer graduated in the University of Washington in 1923, he had enough hands-on experience to manage the second store of the company in Seattle.

By 1928, John retired and sold his shares to his sons, Elmer and Everett. A year later, Wallin also retired and sold his shares to them. It wasn’t up until the 1930, during the grand opening of the renovated Second Avenue store that the company’s name was changed to Nordstrom. In 1933, Lloyd decided to join the company and the three brothers managed and run the company together for almost 40 years. It wasn’t until the company have gone into public ownership when the shoe stores expanded as a department stores and created Nordstrom outlet stores.

You can find more information regarding the company’s history and their latest products at the Nordstrom online outlet.

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