The Neiman Marcus website (Neiman is more than just that; it is a portal offering a wide range of services, and offers a comprehensive gateway into many of the items the retailer offers its customers.

The popular menu bar tabs include: Designers, Apparel for Her, Contemporary, Shoes & Handbags, Jewelry & Accessories, Beauty & Fragrance, Men’s Shop, NM Kids, Home & Entertaining, Gift Ideas and Sale & Values. Each one of these links further, offering a huge variety of products – and popular designer items, valued anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand!


For online browsers, the Neiman Marcus website also provides online assistance, through which a user can contact a customer service representative to inquire about the Neiman Marcus credit card, shipping information, online account, tax information, size guides, security and privacy issues, store/restaurant locators, order catalog’s, and even sign up for e-mail and special offers, among other options available.

The online chat option links a customer directly with an online representative who will answer queries pertaining to any product or policy the Neiman Marcus offers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A telephone number is also provided which can be dialled 24/7 for inquires.

Shopping Bag

The website provides a “shopping bag,” or an online version of a shopping cart. Every time a user decides to purchase an item, it gets listed in the shopping bag, and payment is made at checkout.

Online Account

Users can also create online accounts which will save them the hassle of typing in their billing and shipping information every time they make a purchase. Also, the account provides easy access to the status of a purchase made, and keeps track of all billing history.

An account can be easily created by clicking on the “Register Now” button, then filling out all required information, including the customer e-mail address, password (for access to the account), a security question and answer, name, address (with city and postal/zip code), and telephone number(s). Once all the relevant information and fed and processed, an account is created, which can easily be accessed every time the user decides to browse or make a purchase at the online store.

Catalogs and Quick Order

Another tab at Neiman links a user to the Neiman Marcus Catalog’s and provides access to quick order. A user can browse a catalog, and for an item they decide to purchase, they can easily fill in the catalog code (or the catalog number, typically at the back of the cover), and the item number (below each item description). That way, catalogs can be browsed either online, or offline (in case they are delivered as hardcopies to a customers home), and through the number, a quick and easy purchase can be made.

Wedding Registry, Wish List, Store Locations and Events, Incircle, NM Credit Card, Site Map, Investor Relations, Careers, and other options are available to browse at this all-inclusive website. Instead of having to browse the website for current trends and sales, a user can simply enter their e-mail address in the “For Fashion and Sale News” textbox, and receive regular updates in their inbox, alerting them of the latest in store happenings.

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