Neiman Marcus Coupons

Coupons are discounts but they are more than that – they are designed to achieve more specific benefits and control than a simple price-cut would. An advertised discount can be easily forgotten, but a coupon can be carried around in ones wallet to provide the benefits if and when required. Furthermore, they provide better accounting by limiting the quantities issues and forecasting redemptions. They allow users to zero in on specific targets through the print media, and can improve product distribution by tying in the retailer. Merged with other promotional tactics, like doubling as sweepstakes entries, offering free samples, encouraging a user to make multiple purchases, or making the first payment of an extended “club” offer.

What is a Coupon?

Coupons are typically certificates that entitle the bearer to an immediate discount when the coupon in question is presented to the participating business. They are different from refunds as they are immediate, and refunds on the other hand are typically redeemed by mail.

Three Categories of Neiman Marcus Coupons

Manufacturer Coupon – these are those which are executed, delivered, and funded in full amount by the manufacturer itself, and include familiar coupons for women’s products, shoes, men’s products and the like. Generally, a manufacturer coupon has a lower value than does the retailer/manufacturer coupon.

Retailer product coupon – these are those which are executed, delivered and redeemed in full amount by the retailer, typically for its own product. It may also be a storewide discount coupon – “10% off our entire stock” or “any red tag merchandise.” Again, the store product coupon allows control that an in-store discount cannot offer. It reaches people outside the store and limits redemption to one person, not every visitor. Plus, customers without a coupon purchase at full retail.

Retailer/manufacturer coupon – executed and delivered by a specific retailer, in this case Neiman Marcus; the manufacturer, however co funds the coupon, which is typically of a higher value than a manufacturer coupon. The manufacturer can save clearinghouse costs in addition to negotiating better product stocking, placement, and display, even after the coupon’s weeklong life. The product also gets featured on Neiman Marcus’s flyer. And both the manufacturer and Neiman Marcus as the retailer are assured a better consumer value, and traffic than that of their competitors’ manufacturer’s coupons.

Some of the objectives a coupon wishes to cash into include: continuity/loyalty; extended purchase period; impulse purchase; trial; sampling/trial; in-store location awareness; multiple salves; target large households/multiple visitors; motivate purchases, and more.

The internet is a goldmine for everyone seeking free stuff, coupons and discounts. Coupon sites, including those that offer Neiman Marcus coupons, generally work in one of two possible ways: providing a link to another site where a user can automatically receive a stated discount when a purchase is made online, or a user is given the option to print out and physically take a coupon to a local store to redeem is value. There are also well know coupon companies online that offer Neiman Marcus coupons, allowing users the freedom and flexibility the coupon offers by delivering it to their own home.

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