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Coupons are a great way for settings out discount or special offers. Unlike audio-visual advertising, coupons allow for printed hardcopies of the offer to be presented to avail the advertised discount. In a few cases, vendors also accept coupons printed off the internet, but for the most part, coupons are typically put in newspapers/magazines, within products themselves, or printed in special purpose brochures that are sent via a mail-shot to a potential target audience.

Unlike other means of advertising, coupons need to be presented at the time of purchase to avail of the specific benefit being advertised. Given this scenario, coupons are a great way for vendors to track the efficacy of specific deals based on the number of coupons presented and special offers availed. Furthermore, by printing source information on the coupons themselves, vendors can also track the effectiveness of reaching out to the desired target audience through various print media in which coupons are inserted. This can help tailor and monitor specific campaigns in the future.

Coupons typically offer a variety of benefits to the customer presenting it. Benefits range from free gifts with purchase to an instant cash discount, to ‘buy one, get one free’ offers. The biggest single benefit of coupons is their instant redemption value at the point of presenting it.

Neiman Marcus coupon are presently available in the following categories:

In a Manufacturers Coupon, Neiman Marcus has no liability with regards to benefits being extended to customers shopping at the store. Instead, the complete financial burden of these coupons is borne solely by the manufacturer of the product, which is simply being retailed by Neiman Marcus. In such cases, it would obviously focus on a few specific brand-name products produced by a particular manufacturer.

The next category is a Retailer’s Coupon. As the name suggests, a retailer’s coupon extends benefits to customers where the financial burden of these offers is borne by the retailer alone. It may be inferred that retailer coupons can be made available to specific stores, or to specific product lines that the store chain is trying to promote. ‘Spring Sales Events’ and other broad based sales can be promoted further through the generation of coupons that could grant additional discounts or benefits to customers holding such coupons.

Another type of coupons is a joint retailer/manufacturer coupon that is issued by Niemen Marcus and the manufacturer of a specific product or product line. These coupons typically offer the best value in terms of benefits that customers can draw upon. These coupons are jointly funded by the retailer and manufacturer, and can come in the form of store based catalog printed by Neiman Marcus to advertise these special offers to their customers.

It is important to note that Neiman Marcus Coupon can be sent via email to specific customer lists, and may be non-transferable. However, there are certain online sites from where Neiman Marcus Coupon may be obtained, printed and presented in store.

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