Neiman Marcus Careers

Neiman Marcus Careers

Neiman Marcus careers are unlike any other professional retail associate experience in the world. For over a century, Neiman Marcus has been the frontrunner for style and fashion for the elite shopper. Neiman Marcus has constantly evolved since its unlikely inception in 1907 as two Dallas entrepreneurs, Herbert Marcus and Al Neiman decided how to invest $25,000. Instead of investing in the “Kansas-Missouri franchise for a then-obscure fountain drink company called Coca-Cola,” they chose to open a store with a particularly precise and distinctive client in mind.

Neiman Marcus consistently evolves with the fashion industry to provide patrons with the influential fashion designs of today; however, as a foremost retailer of opulence, the focus has remained on providing merchandise leadership and superior customer service. As Burt Tansky, Chairman and CEO of Neiman Marcus Group, explains, “After 100 years, we are a testament that service and quality never go out of style.”

To provide such pristine customer service Neiman Marcus careers have also been a leader in training associates in the retail industry. The company breaks down into three distinct divisions: Neiman Marcus stores with over 60 locations, including the clearance and CUSP stores, Neiman Marcus Direct, and Bergdorf Goodman located in New York on Fifth Avenue. The prestigious locations cater to the most affluent markets in the United States, the top 2%. There is a strong following for the upscale merchandise in Florida, California, and Texas.

Neiman Marcus has remained dedicated to provide the best service and merchandise for clients, but also providing the best opportunities for employees. Being the frontrunner in fashion and all things sumptuous involved hiring the most ambitious employees. With the Corporate offices anchored in Dallas there is a convincing dedication to the groundbreaking ideas of the great entrepreneurs that founded it- “outstanding customer service with merchandising leadership.” With this spirit in tow, Neiman Marcus recognizes and rewards its diverse workforce. Many members of the Neiman Marcus family come from various backgrounds; however, they all have an affinity for excellent service and knowledge about the industry they lead. The associates are experts in their field and are viewed as more than just employees. On the contrary, they are trend-setters, innovators, and leaders. They are all trained for success.

In fact, Neiman Marcus has an Executive Development Program, EDP, created specifically to train the analytical, organized, communicative employees that want to advance their careers within the Neiman Marcus family. EDP is a twelve-week program to train employees on ways to run a business, Neiman Marcus systems, and the corporate culture of Neiman Marcus. This is all a part of the Neiman Marcus experience.

The keep the pace ahead of many other retailers Neiman Marcus is also one of few retailers with a corporate art collection. Stanley Marcus, son of Herbert, explains it best, “Art enhanced the quality of people’s lives and the customer’s shopping experience, and to him that was good business.” The artwork, just like Neiman Marcus is here to enrich the environment and engage people.

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