Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills

The popular Neiman Marcus introduced itself to Beverly Hills in 1979, for the hope of attracting large Hollywood clientele to both its classic and avant-garde couture collections. The Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills store even featured a special facility in its upper portion where a top star of V.I.P. could shop in complete privacy.

Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills displays its jewelry collections on the first floor amidst a backdrop of contemporary art. The bottom floor houses its own restaurant featuring light cuisine which can be indulged into during or after a shopping spree. Next to the fine crystal is an Estee Lauder Spa, for all those times when shopping gets stressful. L.A.’s stop femmes can choose between the Bill Blass, de la Renta, Misony, Lacroix and Ungaro. The society types also favor Chanel – thus the Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills also holds a Chanel boutique. Armani, the crossover designer, Versace, Richard Tyler and others find a presence in the store. Stella McCartney and Narciso Rodriguez also provide women to grace their figures with their pieces, especially on those special Hollywood nights.

The second floor of the Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills showcases the couture of the world’s finest designers, each collection with its own piece of the stage, as so many galleries of contemporary artwork. There are glistening gowns twinkling back at a browser, allowing for a completely mesmerizing experience. The salespeople are very helpful, and a browser or a buyer knows he or she is a uniquely special place when the sales staff appear to outnumber the clothes.

Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills is one of the few places in our media-obsessed society where photographers are not allowed. The second floor is devoid of the mass produced elements of the world which everyone is accustomed to – the collections are not mass produced, and instead, are delicately and fondly hand-woven, hearkening back to the excellence of craftsmen and artisans of an earlier time – when it was not about the quantity of items but about its quality and perfection. The Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills and its fashion-as-art notion allows each and every user to indulge in the highly personal experience of shopping – one that many find missing in the contemporary world. A user gains access to his/her own private exhibit, with each designer’s collection making part of a separate gallery and each, offering a different, truly unique experience. The colors, the fabrics, the tone, the finish – they are all unreal, and to add to their mesmerizing effect is the lightening. The fabrics are refined, but it is in most part the finishes that jump out and shout with their very fine tones. These are gowns which have been crafted by a human hand in top form with the mark of the designer showing through down to the buttons. Prices range from $1,200 for a woman’s suit up to $4,000 plus for a formal evening or dinner attire.

The Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills has rediscovered L.A. as a fashion capital, and more and more women (and some men) throng to indulge in the experience it offers.

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