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L.L. Bean Outlet: Guaranteed Quality on Outlet Products

Because of positive feedbacks from people and its continuous commitment to excellent customer service, L.L. Bean remains one of the most recognized brands the world over. The company is known for its apparel products, but it also offers a vast range of outdoor gear for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, canoeing, hunting, and kayaking. These products are offered through retail stores and L. L. Bean Outlet stores in various locations. Shoppers can also get items through mail- order and online purchases.  L. L. Bean products are made for optimum performance with high- class quality and chic designs.

History of L. L. Bean

L.L. Bean Company was established in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean in Greenwood, Maine. Bean was an avid hunter and a fisherman and wanted to make outdoor gears that will help people engaged in these activities to experience the best possible comfort and convenience. His first product was a waterproof boot made from lightweight leather uppers with rubber bottoms. These became very sensational among hunters and the company gained more patrons. He put the business in his brother’s basement in Freeport, Maine and started into the mail- order venture.

In that same year, he sold the “Bean Boot” through a 4- page mail order catalog, and that product became the point of success for the company. When Bean died in 1967, the company was inherited by his grandson, Leon Gorman, who became director until the year 2001. Today, L. L. Bean has expanded to an international brand and reaped tremendous revenues. Its sales went over 1.4 billion dollars annually. It also has 4, 600 employees the whole year round, with more than 9000 people working for the company in the winter holiday season of 2009.

What are Bean Outlets?

Bean Outlet Stores are shops that offer old model, returned, and slightly damaged Bean products. Because of their condition, these products are sold cheaper than in regular stores or those that are offered in regular mail- order catalogs. Commonly, these items are 20- 40% percent cheaper, and there prices are even further reduced during sales and promos on special days and store clearances.

Discounted Products Quality

Despite the conditions of the products in a L.L. Bean Factory Outlet, people can still count on their overall quality. For slightly defective items, the company sees to it that the damages are mainly cosmetic and do not affect the overall functionality of the products. Unsold old models have the impeccable quality of L.L. bean products which were only stored for a long time, and never went under any repairs or quality modifications. Those that were second- hand or returned items never went under rigorous and long use because they are governed under L. L. Bean’s return, refund and exchange policies.

Online Shopping

People who live far from a L.L. Bean Outlet may shop at the L.L. Bean Outlet Online. This shop offers the same money- saving deals that common stores offer. Outlet store policies on returns and exchanges also apply to purchases on this online shop.

Find out the locations of the nearest L.L. Bean Outlet Stores in your area today.

Outlet Malls

  • Hagerstown Premium Outlets | Hagerstown | MD
  • Perryville Outlets | Perryville | MD
  • Queenstown Premium Outlets | Queenstown | MD
  • Tanger Outlet Center | Rehoboth Beach | DE
  • Williamsburg Premium Outlets | Williamsburg | VA

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