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Why Is It Smart to Shop in a Kipling Outlet?

In the world of bags, Kipling is a brand that is considered one of the most saleable. The brand is very successful in achieving the looks, performance and designs of bags that people want and need. Kipling Stores and Kipling Outlet Stores are witnesses to people’s avid patronization of these bags; as well as department stores and distribution shops. Kipling offers a wide range of bag types and designs that suit various needs, even for the most meticulous and active people. Today, an estimated 35 million people have their own Kipling bag; and more are getting their hands on one.

From its humble beginnings of manufacturing backpacks, Kipling has tremendously evolved into offering other bag types and carryalls for a variety of lifestyles. These varieties include handbags, messengers, totes, luggage, travel bags, wallets, and accessories.

Kipling’s History

Rudyard Kipling established his bag manufacturing business in January of 1987 in Antwerp, Belgium. The first Kipling bags were launched in May of that year and became instant hits in Belgium. Two years after, the company was able to distribute in 1989. Kipling basic was founded in 1992. Because of the success of the bags that the company manufactured, it went international in 1993 and started its distribution in Italy, USA, and other key points over the globe. Kipling Stores and Kipling Outlet Stores were opened in international cities from 1993- 1999.

Much of the success of the brand today can be attributed to the change in designs and styles in the bags that started in 2005. This leads to the tremendous acceleration in global expansion. Kipling also became more innovative in terms of the materials that it uses, designing, and advertising. Collaborations with other brands also made the brand more saleable to more and more people. Among the recent collaborations of the brand include collaborations with Belgian- designer Cathy Pill, Belgian- Russian designer from “Girls From Omsk”, Spanish designer El Delgado Buil, and English designer Peter Pilotto.

A Kipling Outlet is a store that specializes in offering authentic Kipling products for a fraction of their actual costs in regular stores. These items are surplus merchandises and those with minor manufacturing blemishes that fail strict quality check. Because of the conditions of these Kipling bags, they are priced 20- 40% cheaper than those in department stores. Prices of items in a Kipling Factory Outlet can become much cheaper during special days. These include holidays, special occasions, and store clearance events. Shoppers can buy Kipling bags with 50% to even 70% discount.

Like any other outlet stores, a Kipling Outlet can commonly be found in outlet malls and centers. Some freestanding stores can be found in selected locations. Shoppers who want to avail of great deals from these stores but live far don’t have to drive for long hours. Through the Kipling Outlet Online, you can shop for outlet items from anywhere in the world.

Experience optimum shopping convenience and amazing deals with Kipling Outlet.

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