Kids Bath Rugs : Selection Tips

If you are going to accessorize your kids’ bathroom then selecting the very appropriate bath rug is a necessary thing as any wrong selection can mar the complete bathroom furnishing. You will find all colors of rainbows, bright shades and all types of cartoon characters on the kids bathroom rugs. Furthermore girls and boys bath rugs differ in color, designs and patterns. So it is very common to see pink color bath rugs in girl’s bathroom and blue one in the boy’s bathroom. So make sure to pick the right one for your kid.

Selecting the Perfect Style & Color

Now giving a vibe that is according to the kid’s taste is very important. So first of all try to figure out what your kid likes the most. It will include the color preference, character penchant and style. Build your theme around this. Like if you have a girl child then most likely she will go for butterfly bath rug in pink or red color. Also you can find fish, flower, Barbie pattern for the kids bath rug. On the other hand bathroom rugs for boys can be most commonly seen in the shapes of cars, football, dinosaur, et al. But there is no clear cut demarcation as bathroom furnishing is again a personal choice. You can then also select the matching face towels, hand towels, shower curtain for your kid’s bathroom. But select the most suitable ones and make the kids bathroom a lively retreat.

Check for Rug Pad
Do not forget to look for the safety in any kind of kids bathroom rug. For this check the rug for rug pad that are mandatory as these make the bath rugs anti-slippery and imparts life to it as well.

Organic Kids Bath Rug
Children must know the importance of environment and its safety. So prefer to buy the bathroom rug for your kids that are considered green and eco friendly & let the kids also feel the green environment. Here you can go for bamboo bath rug, cotton bath rugs, hemp and woolen kids bath rugs. These fabrics are made from 100% organically grown yarn. So these rugs wont have any pesticides and thus without any ill effects.

Check for Water Absorbing Tendency
Kids because of their nature tend to ply with water and throw it all around. So always go for the bath rug that has maximum water absorbing tendency. Bamboo bath rug has the highest water absorbing capacity. Cotton and wool can also come into your choice then.  

Hope these points will help you in selecting the most appropriate bath rug for your kid’s bathroom.

Major Children Bathroom Rugs Brands

Pottery Barn JCPenny L L Bean Nautica Avanti

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