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JoS. A. Bank Outlet: From A Small Tailor Shop to Outlets

Sometimes, finding the shirt, jeans, or any other clothing you really need, may not be very easy. It could be that the clothing size may be too short or too long, else too narrow or wide. The best option would be to have it tailor-made. However, customized or tailor-made clothing can be very pricey and expensive. Although it may seem that you would need to compromise between the two, well, you don’t have to, if you’d like to find clothes for men that are classically-styled and tailored, either for: casual clothing, sportswear, footwear and accessories, then you should try looking for them at JoS. A. Bank outlets.

A Little Bit of History

It all started from a small tailor shop that Charles Bank opened in Baltimore, Maryland during 1866. By turn of the century, Bank branched out into making pants with his grandson, Joseph A. Bank, as a cloth cutter. Joseph was merely 11 years old when he joined his grandpa’s trade and 10 years later, he became a wholesale salesperson, travelling in the South to sell pants. Eventually, the company became successful and had started to gain popularity in the industry, by the end of World War II, Joseph made a decision to shift their business style from wholesaling of men’s tailored clothing to selling directly to the customer or retailing. He struck a deal with an existing retailer, Louie’s, Inc., in Washington, D.C., to sell their products. Joseph died in 1954 and overall operation was taken over by Howard, his son.

The Rise of Outlets and E-Commerce

Branching out and expansion was just timely for the JoS. A. Bank company, which was formally branded and established in 1905. They have been operating in 500 locations in 42 states and the District of Columbia. These include the JoS. A. Bank outlet stores, catalogue distributions and e-commerce websites like JoS. A. Bank online outlet. Its headquarters is now in a unicorporated Carroll County, Maryland, near Hampstead.

Outlet Malls

  • Grove City Premium Outlets | Grove City | PA
  • Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets | Leesburg | VT
  • North Georgia Premium Outlets | Vero Beach | FL
  • Ocean City Factory Outlets | Ocean City | MD
  • Perryville Outlets | Perryville | MD

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