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Hurley Outlet: A Successful Story Beyond Surfing

Are you an avid surfer or a natural beach bum? Then you must know what a Hurley Outlet offers. If otherwise, then do read on and find out what Hurley Outlet Stores are all about.

It’s been quite known around the world that Surfing is one of the most favorite Sport in the US among other outdoor activities alike. For the main reason of love of the ocean and its constant state of change, the Hurley company arise.

A Swim Through History

Hurley started out during the late 1970’s as a surf industry in Southern California. In 1979, the Hurley Surfboards were introduced in Costa Mesa. By the early 1980’s, these surfboards has brought fame and fortune to the company and the owner, Bob, was in the business of producing surfboards for many of the best surfers in the world. However, Bob’s vision and his ultimate love for surfing was not only limited to surfboards alone. He and Joe K., his business manager, began pursuing Billabong, a trendy Australian clothing brand. Bob was fascinated with the long, punk rock boardshort styles that the clothing brand produces. With the support of Bob’s friends and family, Billabong USA was created which was a separate entity and licensee for Billabong.

Despite Billabong USA’s start-up success during the mid 1980’s, Bob and the Hurley team committed themselves to doing things differently. Hence, they’ve took full responsibility and effort for the design, sourcing, marketing, and financing of the product. Later on, Billabong USA team had noticed that the change in consumer preferences around the year 1995. They realized that most modern surfers are not only interested in surfing, surfboards, and surfing equipments alone but as well as their love for fashion, music, skate, snow, and the art. In result, the team began to impart this components in their ideas for the future.

A Miraculous Success

Nonetheless, the team have come to realized that this major change of perspective and vision for the future didn’t necessarily serve the interests of Billabong globally. Apparently, by that time as well, the license agreement between Hurley and Billabong was ending. Hence, with much gratitude, Bob and the Hurley team gave back the Billabong license and decided to launch Hurley solely.

Despite having to risk losing sales of about 70 million dollars, the first year of the transition was a miraculous success. Besides the major achievement in sales, the company was also profitable and there were no jobs cut. They even had expanded their availability online through the Hurley Online Outlet, where the customers can easily order the products with the comforts of their home and get the product shipped right at their doorstep.

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