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Hartmann Outlet: Travelling In Luxury with Hartmann Luggages

Travelling usually involves packing up your clothes, shoes, and other belongings in a bag, luggage or compartment of some sort. That’s why there are a lot of brands in the industry today that offer such convenience and features. If you’re specifically looking for a luxury brand luggage which has been trusted for over a hundred years, you can come by Hartmann outlets.

Hartmann Incorporated formerly known as Hartmann Trunk Co. was founded and established by a Bavarian Trunkmaker, Joseph S. Hartmann, as early as 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Hartmann’s vision was to build “luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence.” and it remained true as the company grew rapidly and moved to larger facilities in Racine, Wisconsin. Since then Hartmann Inc. has been recognized for its craftsmanship of the finest luggage and leather goods.

Throughout time, it has deemed itself as the definitive American purveyor of stylish carrying bags, with the perspective of luggage as a veritable fashion accessory. Hartmann’s brief cases, wheeled luggage, wallets, garment bags, personal leather goods, and other accessories has always been the most popular choice for discerning travellers both of the past and present times. These products are sold through high-end department stores, luggage shops, and Hartmann outlet stores in the United States and other countries around the world. The company offers a unique service called DesignTime service which provides customers the option to customize or personalize their luggage design. The company is currently headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee with David A. Hernan as its President.

You can find more detailed information about the company’s history at the Hartmann’s official website. Meanwhile, you can find more information of the products and services they offer at the Hartmann online outlet.

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