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French Connection Outlet: Controversy Gone Brand

French Connection is known internationally as being a British retailer of clothing and accessories as early as 1972. It’s notable for its quirky spin on designs on their clothes besides having good quality and affordable prices. When you visit French Connection outlets, you won’t only see clothing products but as well as men’s and women’s toiletries, sunglasses and opticals, watches and footwear.

The design and style of French Connection outlet stores themselves is a reflection of the clean, minimalist, simple signature look that the company aspires to be, meanwhile, making their products take on centre stage.

Acronym Mishap

Back in 1997, a branch from Hong Kong sent over a fax to the site in UK with the title “FCHK to FCUK”, which was intended to mean as French Clothing Hong Kong to French Connection United Kingdom. However, this spurs on a controversy of the “FCUK” acronym with its similarity to a profane word. Nevertheless, the company exploited this controversy and used it as a brand on their clothing and t-shirt messages, e.g. “fcuk fashion”, “hot as fcuk”, etc. This brought more popularity and exposure for the company especially among teenagers and young professionals.

However, this branding is not favored by some groups and the company received a lot of complaints. Hence, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority banned a lot of ads and demanded that the company to submit all posters for approval before running them.

You may read more stories about the company’s history and advertising feats at the French Connection online outlet. For locations of outlets and malls, please refer to the list and map below.

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