File Your Paperwork With the Perfect Cabinet

our home office needs to make a statement to potential clients and to your family. A professional workspace inspires trust and respect for the work done within that space. Add some flair to your new office with the perfect filing cabinet.

Choosing file cabinets might seem simple at first until you head to the office supply store. If you settle for whatever’s in stock you might end up with a useless piece of furniture that does nothing for your office space.

Before you head to the store spend some time in your office. Are you looking for a cabinet to squeeze into a corner or closet to store personal information or are you looking for a functional space for all your business needs? File cabinets are first a storage space to keep your backup data secure and your needed files easy to access. Take stock of your space and your paperwork so you know what you need from your file cabinet.

There are several options available for file cabinets. The primary distinctions are vertical and lateral files. Lateral are perfect for legal length pages and files. Lateral files also can add counter space. Vertical files give you the chance to use space since they can stack up to six feet tall in less than two feet of width. Once you know the size files you will need to store start checking the catalogues. Pottery Barn has a wide selection of stylish file cabinets for you to get an idea of the look you want. For more utilitarian styles, check out the websites for Office Depot or Staples.

Coordinate with style. Unless you are hiding your file cabinet in a closet the look of the file cabinet needs to be considered. Your office is more professional looking when the pieces coordinate. So your desk, shelving and file cabinets should be made of similar materials or in a similar style. Feel free to select white or metallic shades for a clean and modern look. Or for more traditional and warm style, look for warm natural wood tones.

Choose the space where the file cabinet will fit and measure the space. You might need to do some rearranging of furniture so that the cabinet fits into place. Position cabinets for easy use. The file cabinet should be located where you can easily access the files you need every day. Many find it easiest to store the files used every day as part of the desk. If your desk offers at least one drawer for files, you’re set but if not put a cabinet within reach. If you can store some files in your desk then you can store the rest of your long term documents across the room or near your work desk.

Filing cabinets can be the central style setter of your office. Make a professional statement with storage furniture that’s perfect for your space. You will be more motivated to work at an efficient pace when your tools and information are within reach.

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