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Ferragamo Outlet: Best Buys on Budget- Friendly Prices

The Ferragamo brand is a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to fashionable apparels and accessories. With a very wide distribution range with the help of numerous Ferragamo Stores, Ferragamo Outlet Stores, distributor shops, department stores, and boutiques; the brand is able to accommodate the needs of its millions of avid patrons around the globe. That is why it is not surprising to note that the revenue of the company surge up in enormous amounts annually. This also showed the remarkable success of the brand despite the challenging economic status of the recent years and the ever stiffening competition among international fashion brands.

Known mainly for its high- quality, stylish, and top- performance shoe products; Ferragamo also manufactures and distributes leather goods and ready-to-wear items for men and women that received as much patronization as its shoe products. The use of high-grade materials that ensure performance, comfort, style, and durability, the brand’s product lines are revered by many and are among the top choices of consumers. Through licenses, Ferragamo also produces eyewear and watches. Shoppers who choose Ferragamo products are guaranteed the best deal for their money.

History of the Ferragamo Brand

Ferragamo started out as a shop called Hollywood Boot Shop which was opened in 1914. It manufactured shoes for movie stars like Joan Crawford and Gloria Swanson. The founder Salvatore Ferragamo returned to Italy in 1927 and set up a shoe shop in Florence. However, the Great Depression hit the business hard that it was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1933. Salvatore again gained leverage that he was able to buy the Palazzo Spini Feroni, one of the most popular palaces in Florence, which is now the company’s flagship store and museum.

The aftermath of World War II became very good for the business that it expanded into composing 700 employees with an average of 350 pairs of output shoes per day. The death of Salvatore in 1960 left the company in the hands of his widow Wanda. She managed it well that the brand expanded into manufacturing other products like eyewear, perfume, belts, bags, watches, scarves, and ready to wear apparels.

Ferragamo Outlet Stores

Shopping in a Ferragamo factory Outlet is a perfect for idea for a bargain shopping. Authentic Ferragamo items are sold in these stores for a fraction of their actual costs in regular stores. Shoppers can avail of great discounts everyday from 20- 40%, or even more than 50% on special day sales and promos. These discounted prices are due to the conditions of the products which are either unsold surplus merchandises or those with minor factory defects. However, their quality remains impeccable and their performance can always be relied upon.

Ferragamo Outlet Stores are commonly found in outlet malls and centers. Although, there are some free standing outlet stores that are located in selected areas. For those who live far from these stores, you can shop via the Ferragamo Outlet Online and experience convenient online shopping.

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