Feng Shui Tips for Furniture Placement in a Small Space

The process of using Feng Shui techniques to de-clutter and downsize (from a previous article) has been very challenging, intense, and at times overwhelming.  When I first moved in and looked at the chaos in my living room – it looked like a train wreck between Pottery Barn and Chico’s!  However, I stayed on track with my determination to establish a more peaceful living space and continued to use my Feng Shui principles to accomplish this.

From the outset, I made the decision to take my favorite pieces of furniture, pictures, accessories, books, and, of course, my 2 Japanese Bobtail cats!  And I knew I wanted to place the main, large pieces of furniture in a “power position” within each room – in order to maximize the feeling of comfort and security.

Below are some of the specific Feng Shui principles I used.  Again, the source of reference is Collins’ book, The Western Guide to Feng Shui – Room by Room.

Living Room:

Situate your sofa so that it has a view of the door. [Power position!] Strike a “just right” balance with the number of decorative items you display. [I incorporated my 2 favorite paintings as well as my Ben Owen Chinese red pottery.] Choose furnishings that are safe and comfortable, as well as beautiful. Put the TV and other electronic equipment behind closed doors.


Clean your stove, use all burners, and give the cook a commanding view. [Power position! I placed a mirror behind the stove so I could see behind me while cooking.] Organize your countertops and cabinets. Choose designs that curve or have rounded corners. [I set up my round, wrought iron table for two.] Include seating in the kitchen. Replace or minimize the use of fluorescent lighting. [I like using light bulbs that closely replicate natural light, such as GE Reveal bulbs.]


Place your bed so that you can see the door. [Power position!] Move desks and exercise equipment to other rooms, or screen them from the bed. [I only have room for my bed and a couple of dressers!] Either have no television in your bedroom at all, or put it in a cabinet or armoire. Drape mirrors at night, or remove them from the room. [I placed my mirrors so that I cannot see my reflection in them while lying in bed.] Select natural, sensuous linens.

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