Everything There is to Know about Disney Stores and Disney Outlet Store

Disney is always associated with the best memories of childhood; a name that is known by almost everyone in the world. The best fairytales that made up our childhood, from Mickey Mouse and Cinderella to Snow White and Toy Story, are produced by this world renowned company. Through the years, Disney has made people see their dreams in the silver screen. Apart from this, the entertainment prowess of Disney was further exhibited through the establishments of Disneyland and Disney World in different locations around the world. Dubbed as the happiest place on earth, Disneyland is one of the top vacation destinations of millions of people from around the globe. But aside from this fabulous entertainment means, Disney also offers people the best Disney apparels and other products. These are found in Disney Stores and in any Disney Outlet Store located in various locations around the world.

A Disney Outlet Store is a place where people can purchase discounted Disney products like clothes, shoes, bags, apparels and other accessories. These stores can be found in different areas around the world, making it possible for more people to avail of these discounted products that can cost a lot in Disney Stores.

It was in March 28, 1987 when the first Disney Store was established in Glendale, California. Today, shoppers can see the same stores in different countries like Canada, Spain, Japan, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy and France. They are often found in malls and commercial centers in these countries. The Disney Stores in Australia was closed in 2003, while the only Disney Store in Hong Kong is found in the Hong Kong International Airport and renamed today as The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland; managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks. In the United States, there are 15 smaller- scale locations in airports but were closed in the early 2000s. However, one can still find a number of Disney Stores and a Disney Outlet Store in different states.

All Disney Stores and Disney Outlet Store are owned by the renowned Walt Disney Company, except for the one in Japan, which was owned by The Oriental Land Company. However, Walt Disney gained eventual ownership of the company up to this day. Hoop Retail Stores owned and operated Disney Stores in the United States and Canada. But all these are with agreement with the Walt Disney Corporation.

After years of struggling to gain ownership of Disney Stores, Disney Outlet Stores, and affiliate stores and shops; Disney announced that it took control of the operation of 220 Disney Stores in North America on May 1, 2008. These stores are operated under the Disney Consumer Products Arm. However, this followed the closing of 98 other stores in North America in the middle of 2008. Even new opened stores were affected by the massive shutdowns. What surprised many is the closing of the only store in San Francisco, California and its first stores in the Union Square Store in Post Street.

Despite the series of shutdowns, everyone was glad when Disney announced that it is planning for a massive re- launching and re- branding of all Disney Store locations to be led by Steve Jobs of Apple.

Disney Stores and any Disney Outlet Stores sell products associated with our favorite Disney characters and movies. Men, women and children have a wide array of choices when it comes to Disney products such as clothes, apparels, bags, shoes, stuffed toys, and accessories. Some Disney Stores sell tickets to Disneyland and Disney world.  Disney lovers see these stores as a one stop shop to satisfy all their cravings.

The difference in shopping at a Disney Outlet Store is the discounted prices on all products. These same products are the ones that can be seen in Disney Stores, but they are either unsold old models or having minor cosmetic imperfections. This is why they are commonly sold with a 15- 40 % discount; which can go higher on special day promos and sales. Shoppers can be guaranteed of the best quality on these authentic Disney items.

You can also find a Disney Outlet Store in the internet, where you can buy these discounted items without having to visit a factory outlet. You can place your orders online and wait for the delivery to arrive. This offers more convenience for your shopping. So visit a Disney Outlet Store in your area or online today and you will be pleased of what you will find out.

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