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Drexel Heritage Outlet: Creating Class and outstanding Design for Your Home

If you are starting to create your own dream home or doing some makeover, one of the things you’re going to consider changing will be the furniture you have or how you’d be placing them. If you don’t own any furniture yet, one of the best places to look for them is in Drexel Heritage outlets. Drexel is one of the premier brands in the furniture industry and has been thought of as synonymous to great craftsmanship, exquisite designs and timeless style.

A Little History

Before it was known to the world as Drexel Heritage Outlet stores, it started as a small furniture store named Drexel Furniture in 1903 in Morgantown, North Carolina. However, these humble beginnings grew into a very well established manufacturer of home furniture with an impressive reputation as an innovative furniture manufacturer and marketing company.

The Birth of Drexel Heritage

Around 1956, the Heritage Furniture, which was founded in 1932 and based in High Point, North Carolina, was purchased by the Drexel Company. This purchase came to be known as the birth of the Drexel Heritage Furniture Industries. It is also important to recognize that this purchase was very significant to the success of the Drexel Company since Heritage furniture was deemed to be of higher quality than the former and handcrafted with superior materials. This “marriage” has made the state of North Carolina synonymous with quality American furnishings.

Convenience in Your Hands

Unlike before, where you need to visit showrooms and outlets to take your pick of the Drexel furniture, you can now easily to do this in your home or office or wherever you may be as long as you have Internet and can access the Drexel Heritage online outlet. This website contains the most up to date catalogs and listing that the company has to offer you. You can also order and purchased it right there and then and have the items delivered right at your doorstep.

Outlet Malls

  • Hickory Furniture Mart | Hickory | NC

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