Decorating Your Bedroom on a Shoestring Budget

You really can change the look of your bedroom without spending a fortune. It doesn’t matter if your working on a complete makeover or just adding a couple of accessories; a little creative thinking will make all the difference.

Here’s how to get started:

Go out and get a few pillows in a totally new color. These can be as inexpensive as $10 each. Creating a monochromatic look is as simple as getting several pillows in the same color but using different textures like silk or chenille. Try a romantic look with layers of pillows — large ones in the back and smaller ones up front.

A fresh coat of paint is the most inexpensive change you can make to a room that will also have the most impact. One the best parts is that you don’t have to repaint the whole room, you can do one wall at time and focus on that area. If you have older, more detailed closet doors you can paint the frame in a neutral color and the inset in a darker color for texture. Giving a room a new life can be as simple as painting the furniture. Try faux antique finishing a nightstand or sponge painting a blanket chest.

Headboards can be expensive. Want to try something bold and different? Pick up a picket fence or ornate wrought iron fence at your local flea market. Bed skirts make most beds look soft and sophisticated and are an inexpensive decorating investment. They come in a variety of patterns, colors and textures. Soft and neutral colors give you the best of both versatility and beauty. You don’t want it to pull too much focus instead you want it to be the finishing touch on your bed.

Treating your windows is much easier than you would think. A swag at the top of the window is inexpensive (depending on your fabric choice) and not too dramatic. It’s the perfect way to add a famine touch to the room. You can do this by simply placing plant or bicycle hooks in the ceiling. You can also go with a simple garland accent and blinds for your window. Another way to go, and one we just love, is a simple rod with some artsy finials and ready-made drapes. For a large selection of all these items you can try out Target, Walmart, Pottery Barn or Kmart.

Do have a four-poster or canopy bed who’s look has grown a little stale? Create a beautiful “puddle” or “pond” affect by draping fabric over the poles and letting it fall to the floor. All you need to do is add an extra 20 – 24 inches to the fabric before cutting.

Don’t’ forget the perfect decorative item, candles. If you want a little sophistication and romance use white ones, but if you want to pull focus to dresser or night stand consider a group of colored candles. Group candles in odd numbers — even amounts tend to be boring. Try different heights and gather them as an altar on a shelf.

Framed posters, artwork and mirrors are an easy and inexpensive way to give a room an new look, but make sure your choices complement your current décor. Using neutral color frames like black, white, silver or gold is your safest bet. For an easy decorating idea try simple wall shelves. Collections are perfect for displaying on a wall shelf, but try to stay away from small items. Packing in too many small items will make the shelf cluttered. You can place a framed painting or pictures on the shelf or even try something minimalist like fresh flowers in simple glass bottles.

Phillip Gasvar has 10 years working in the interior decorating and home furnishings business. He writes for a popular furniture store in Los Angeles. They offer American made Arts & Crafts and Mission style bedroom, office and dining room craftsman furniture for your home or office. They take pride in offering furniture that?s built to last for generations. Whether your trying to find oak beds or handmade solid oak dressers, they carry the largest selection at prices that won?t break the bank.

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