Coach Outlet: A Reflection of Hard- Earned Popularity and Success

When it comes to high- quality, durable and stylish leather handbags, Coach is the brand that many people turn to. Today, there are growing numbers of people who opt to shop at Coach Outlet Stores, not only in the United States, but to other corners of the world, as well. Coach has a reputation of manufacturing bag products that are very timeless—given the exquisite designs, very durable materials and a name that anyone trusts. Thus, it is not surprising to see shoppers flocking to different Coach Outlet Stores wherever they are located. But the image of how people see Coach nowadays is just the result of the long years of providing innovative inputs in the manufacturing of bags and in responding to the needs of people.

The success of Coach started out when it introduced its very first handbag in the year 1941. Prior to this, Coach was known for manufacturing suitable leather gloves for baseball players and enthusiasts. The business started out as a small family business with only 6 employees. Coach then concentrated on creating small leather items like wallets. The company’s development and eventual expansion began when Mile Cahn was employed in 1946. After four years, he was already running the factory.

Cahn further developed Coach and ventured into manufacturing other items other than wallets. In 1950’s he started manufacturing billfold, and moved on to the production of baseball gloves in 1960. With the help of his wife, Jillian, the already expanding factory moved on to the production of women’s handbags; and through this, helped the escalation of nominal profit margins that were operating then. This was also the start of the manufacturing of pure cowhide purses to topple down the standard cardboard bags at that time. The said purse bared higher quality and more durability as compared to the cardboard bags; making the former an instant hit. Since then, the Coach brand name has entered into the market of women’s luxury handbags.

The couple Miles and Jillian gained total ownership of the Coach brand in 1961, with the help of borrowed money. The company continued the production of high- grade handbags and avoided the temptation of following fashion trends. Coach maintained a strong grip at the market with their initiative of focusing in producing handbags with functional designs, traditional look and superb quality.

The success of Coach became more profound in 1980, when the company already occupied all four floors of the Manhattan building where it was located. It also strategize its operation by employing highly skilled employees and offering them rates way above what other factories offered. This maintained good labor relations and kept the steady flow of production. It was also at that time when Coach ventured in to mail order and setting up specialty stores; including Coach Outlet Stores. In 1985, the Cahns sold Coach to Sara Lee Corporation. From then on, the company went into some minor setbacks; but still managed to gain higher profits, increase production, and branching out to other areas within and outside the US boarders.

Today, Coach Stores and Coach Outlet Stores continue to reap tremendous profits from loyal shoppers. The brand has become widely known that more and more people want to get their hands on Coach products. Overtime, Coach made it to the top of the bag manufacturing market and has gained the respect and trust of consumers, and competitors as well. Coach handbags have become the standard of fashion, luxury and class for women across the globe.

Any Coach Outlet Stores, offer the best kinds of Coach Handbags in a very minimal price.  Shoppers can get as much as 20- 40 percent discount on stylish Coach items; which can really cost top dollars in traditional boutiques, retail stores, and department stores. The price reductions and amazing deals get better during special day promos and sales. Discount coupons are also honored in any Coach Outlet to give people more chances to save.

If you are looking for handbags that are sure to last a lifetime, and whose label speak so much of class, quality and style; head to the nearest Coach Outlet today and get ready for the fabulous deals that you are about to encounter.

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