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Bally Outlet

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What You Can Find in a Bally Outlet

Shoes are part of the lives of men and women, no matter what they do every day. This is why top quality shoe products are needed. Plus, with the growing trends in fashion, these items need to be as stylish as possible. This combined need for performance and style is given due attention with Bally shoes. Bally is known to be an expert in offering shoes that people really need. These shoes meet the demands of even the most meticulous shoppers. This is the reason behind the company’s big revenues from its Bally Stores, Bally Online Shop, and Bally Outlet Stores that are found in different locations. These products are also distributed by department stores, boutique shops, and partner distributors’ stores all over the world.

Bally offers a wide range of footwear products for men and women. For female shoppers, the brand offers ankle boots, ballerina shoes, lace ups, moccasins, pumps, sandals, sling pumps, sneakers, wedges, and many others. It also has a vast array of products for men shoppers to enjoy. Aside from footwear products, Bally also manufactures and distributes other items like bags, accessories, some clothing apparels, and others. Bally products are known for their high- quality and with the use of materials that guarantee comfort and durability; making them last for a long time.

History of the Bally Brand
Founded by Carl Franz Bally in 1851, Bally Shoe Company started as Bally & Co and was established in their family home basement in the Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. A shoe factory was put up in 1854 in the same area but Fritz left the business and Carl carried it on under the name “C.F.Bally”. The business became very successful that in 1860, it already employed 500 employees. By the 1970s the company went international and expanded distribution outside the borders of Switzerland. Among the first countries that the company ventured was Argentina, Uruguay and France. In North America, Bally put up boutiques in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Costan Mesa, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Houston, Ledyard, McLean, New York City, Panama City, and Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

The 1970s also became very good for the business that the international expansion of the brand became very successful. By 1916, the company already had 7, 000 employees. It survived challenging times like the Great Depression, and the Wold War II. In 1976, Bally added up other product lines like handbags and other leather accessories. The company went with its success throughout the end of 1990s.

Bally Outlet Stores

Due to overwhelming demands from people who can’t afford the premium prices of Bally shoes, as well as surplus merchandise from retail stores. Bally also put up its own Bally Outlet Stores in different areas. These stores offer surplus merchandises and slightly blemished items in very affordable prices. Shoppers can avail of 20- 40% discount on authentic Bally products; and these price cuts go even higher during special day and store bargain events. Those who live far from outlet centers, where a Bally Factory Outlet can be found, can go online shopping at the Bally Outlet Online.

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