Bridal Shower Invitations Wording for Your Special Bridal Shower Party

Bridal Shower Invitations Wording for Your Special Bridal Shower Party

If you are the bridesmaids or maid-of-honor for an upcoming wedding, you need to be ready for one of your chief responsibilities: throwing the bridal shower. Of course a big part of that event is going to be planning your bridal shower invitations wording, verses, sayings. Of course, if you’re not very confident about your writing abilities or if you’ve never had a chance to work on invitations, the following advice could help you in many ways.

Wording for Casual Shower Invitations

The wording does depend on the formality of your event. Below is an example of how you might word a casual invitation for these parties. Remember to include all of the important information:

Invitation Wording for a Formal Event

If you are going to be throwing a more formal wedding shower, you should adjust the wording accordingly. Here is an example to inspire you:

Andrea Smith & Jane Doe Request the Pleasure of Your Company at a Shower Honoring Jennifer Lane the second of June two o’clock in the afternoon Dixon Valley Country Club

Issues You Need to Consider

Registry information is something else you may be wondering about. Of course, wedding invitations should never include this information but etiquette rules do allow you to include the gift registry information in the shower invitations. However, you don’t want to resort to adding those cards handed out by the shops. Those are always a bit tacky. Instead, add the information to the rest of the wording. You might want to write “Kelly is registered at Neimen Marcus” or “Bridal registry information available at Pottery Barn.” Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable including this information, just be sure to let people know when they respond.

Make sure when you are writing the bridal shower invitations wording that you only include one RSVP or response contact. If you have more than one, you could end up confusing guests about which one to use to tell you if they are attending or not. Plus, you could end up getting duplicate responses or being confused because some bridal shower guests called one number while others called the other number. Only one of the bridesmaids should have that responsibility. Consider choosing a number attached to an answering machine or voice mail for the convenience of your guests.

The bottom line when you’re dealing with bridal shower invitations wording is to provide all of the details about the bridal shower but also to keep the card in line with proper etiquette rules and the tone of your event.

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