Baby Quilt Projects and What Size to Pick

When making a baby quilt or baby blanket, there is the dillema of what size a proper baby quilt should be. While there is no legal rule set in stone when it comes to setting the size of a baby quilt or baby blanket, some thought should be put into the dimensions of the quilt before undertaking a project like this.

When deciding on the size and dimension you would like the baby quilt you are making to be, you may want to consider such things as the size of a standard baby crib as this is one of the ideal places where the baby quilt will be used.

The most common size and dimensions of a baby crib bed or matress is 36″x52″. If you would like the baby crib to fit the baby crib, you may want to take those dimensions into consideration when planning your quilting strategy.

Another factor worth consideration is the age of the baby. Healthy babies do grow at a steady and speedy rate, so making smaller baby quilts and baby blankets may not be what you would want to do. If the baby is a newborn, how long do you want the baby quilt to last?

Baby Quilt Sizes

Although size should be considered, do not worry about measurements too much. There are much more important aspects to fret about when making a unique baby quilt. But here are some sizes that are commonly used:

* 32″x40″

* 36″x36″

* 36″x45″

* 36″x48″

* 40″x52″

* 36″x60″

* 45″x60″

* 60″x60″

Those dimension listed above should be more than enough to give you an idea of what you size you would like to create. The 32″x40″ size should fit a baby crib mattress nice and snug while the 60″x60″ size will allow room for the baby to grow and when the child becomes a toddler and perhaps older, the 60″x60″ will still be more than ample for use.

However, no matter what size or dimension you choose for the makings of your baby quilt project, the baby quilt will be unique and memorable because it is gift from you. The pouring out of your heart and soul into the making of the baby quilt is really what should matter.

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