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From Sporting Goods to Clothing Wear

Abercrombie & Fitch (A& F) is an American clothing company that caters to the casual clothing needs of consumers’ ages 18 to 22. It basically has over 300 branches all across the US and has been introduced internationally through various world markets.

The original A&F was founded in 1892 in Manhattan by David T. Abercrombie and Ezra H. Fitch. The company first started out as an elite outfitter of sporting and excursion materials, specifically renowned for its expensive shotguns, fishing rods, and tents. However, it was shutdown in 1977 because of bankruptcy. Just a short year after, around 1978-1979, the company was revived by a Houston-based chain, Oshman’s Sporting Goods who bought the company name and mailing list. Oshman’s introduced A&F as a mail-order company for hunting wear and novelty items. Shops were opened in Beverly Hills, Dallas, and New York City. Nonetheless, by 1988, Oshman’s sold the company to clothing-chain company, The Limited, that was based in Columbus, Ohio.

As we all know nowadays, A&F Company mostly sells clothes and apparels and was branded as Casual Luxury lifestyle brand. It was much more made popular during 1997 when they’ve changed their type of advertising which included film and magazines.

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