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Communicating in Development of the Social Self Environment

How Do You Say “ I Love You”?

Why is it so hard to say those three magical words ,(I Love You)?

With all the lines of communication it seems that engaging in any other topic such as hate talk; joy talk; peace and pain talk are easily . Let the topic of saying I Love You come into the picture and a different tune begins to play. Why is this?

Even as a child , you were often told I Love You by your parents. When you got hurt mama would kiss you and say , “I Love You” and that boo-boo would feel so much better. You were always advised to talk about the joy , fears and hurts in your life. To this very day it is still very difficult to say this positive statement. “I Love You.”

Everyone that is human has a degree of language . You may be confused about how you learned it . As a baby you learned a language , not taught by your parents. You had to take steps in learning this. First , you babbled; then you began to say words; and lastly you put the words together and made a sentence. All this was done on your own as a child. Children are fast at catching on to words and the proper way to use them. Why is it so hard for adults?

As an adult , you either hear the language of love or you don’t. Sometimes when you are awaken from a dream, and it was one where lovers looked into each others eyes, a simple harmony falls over you and you experience the urge to tell your partner you love them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such an open line of communication all the time? It would be very nourishing and rewarding in a healthy relationship.

Once you have an open line of communication, have you thought of how you will keep it open? It is very true that communication is more than what you allow your ears to hear. Words are wonderful, and shouldn’t be taken likely. Words of love stand for things. Love is an affection shown toward another. It may be towards a parent, child, or lover. For each word that a human speaks , there is an emotion attached to it.

Often you may find yourself being talked too, by a smile or even a handshake. Hugs and laughter are other forms of communication. Some of these gestures may speak louder than the actual words. You can tell a great deal about a person with just a simple handshake. A hug has been known to send off mixed signals . A glance can suggest a variety of things. Still, people don’t respect the power of wordless messages. Maybe the message of “I Love You” was given by one of the above gestures. Some people find it very hard to voice these three simple words.

It is essential that humans know how to communicate when they are using certain words. People need to control their words. With each word comes a definition and feeling. This is only when one can take control of their lives. The words people use in a real sense can determine the action and belief of others. Use these words generously rather than be narrowed by them. Misunderstanding begins to cause problems in a relationship when words aren’t used properly.

Unless you like talking to yourself , take some advice and remember it takes two to carry on a conversation. This truly means that if your partner is speaking , you better be listening. The majority of the time , by the time someone has said what they wanted to say the other party has forgot half of it. They are only prepared to hear what they want too. So the next time you want to say “I Love You” make sure you are using the proper words or let the wordless message be shown by the gestures you have waited so long to express.

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Guide to Cedar Patio Furniture

The Cherokee people of United States have the myth that cedar wood has the spirits of their dead ancestors. They look upon cedar trees and wood with special regard and carry it in the form of small pieces as a protective power, and it is sometimes placed above the entrances of homes to keep evil from entering. Even their traditional medicines use pieces of cedar wood. In modern world, cedar wood is an important material for manufacturing cedar patio furniture for home patios and gardens and other places. It is also used for siding, patio decking, fences, planters, screens, and shelters.

Properties of Cedar Wood

Cedar is a member of the pine family, found in North America, Asia, and Africa. Several qualities make cedar wood a desirable material for manufacturing cedar patio furniture. First, cedar wood exhibits a long-lasting beauty as compared to other softwood. It also has a lower chance of warping because its cell walls are thinner, allowing it to shrink and swell less as compared to other wood types.

Hence, items of cedar wood would not easily warp, split, or cup. Naturally, cedar wood is resistant to decay and insect attacks while remaining light, strong, and free of pitch and resin. Finally, when it comes to painting, staining, and gluing, cedar wood is unsurpassed in excellence. Though weathering will turn cedar color to a pleasant gray, a protective coating should be used to preserve the original richness of color.

Caring for Cedar Patio Furniture

It is common among many people to leave cedar patio furniture outdoor without any artificial means of caring. Usually it does not stain nor decay, although its color is altered to a pleasant-looking silver-gray; however, continuous weathering outside will eventually bring dark streaks. To cope with this, you can use various types of finishes (e.g. wood sealer, stain, or paint).

Stain finishes protect the wood from degrading effects of solar radiation. Before applying a pigmented stain, it is advisable to apply it to a small portion to see whether the desired effect results, but oil finishes are not to be used for cedar patio furniture. The most natural form of oil finish applicable to cedar wood is Linseed oil, though it will help retain the look for only a maximum of two years or so.

Buying Cedar Patio Furniture

The readily usable online source for buying cedar products for the home and garden is Cedarshoppe.com. A great variety of cedar products are available like beds, tables, chairs, picnic sets, garden arbors, porch swings, gliders, potting benches, planters, and other lawn and garden accents. Homedepot.com and Pottery Barn are other useful centers.

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That First Impression: Decorating The Lobby Of Your Office (Or Home Office!)

Decorating the Lobby Or Entrance Area / Greeting Area Of Your Office

First impressions say a lot. A first impression can make your office seem younger, fresher, more professional, or conservative. The first thing that people see when they walk through the door will help them to make up their minds about who you are and how well you do what you do. Therefore, if you feel like you don’t want to invest in office furniture for your employees, such as desks, chairs, and computers, make sure to invest well in your reception area. If you have to budget, try to make your price cuts in the back of the office and not the front.

There are many places that sell a variety of furniture, from fun to distinguished, but your best chance is to find something online. Unless you live in a very populated city, it will be hard to find a retailer that can suit your needs. So, where do you start? Alibaba.com is sort of like EBay, but without the bidding. The company is an exporter of goods in different countries around the world. They have products in every category, but as far office furniture, you may be able to find a hard-to-get-item at a lower price. Another company, based in the UK, is Somercort. They carry everything from fast food counters to office accessories. They do provide free delivery and installation if you live within the UK, but if you don’t, you can still order hard to find items from this company and they will help you to locate what you need.

If you are looking for a more modern spin on your reception station, there are so many revolutionary designs out there. Spacify.com specializes in modern contemporary furniture with sleek, clean lines. They have more retro furniture including a computer workstation that looks like a flower from an aerial view with glass and wood combined. The company will offer free shipping, and they have a catalog that is downloadable with Adobe Acrobat software. Another choice is modernoffice.stores.yahoo.net. They have many different reception desks that range in prices from $1200 to $4000. They also carry sofas, recliners, and tables for waiting areas, so you can one stop shop with this store. They do have a catalog, and you can join their mailing list if you are not ready to make a commitment right away.

When you get done with buying your reception desk, you might want to think about your waiting area. Most people choose sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. The more comfortable that your waiting area is, the less likely people will become irritated with waiting. There are several places that can offer your place of business with comfortable and style. For sofas, most people will go with a nice leather sofa. The wear seems to be more minimal than a cloth sofa, and even though we are talking about adults, there will be the occasional spill of coffee, tea, etc. If you are looking for an overstuffed sofa, which will be more comfortable than a standard sofa, try Overstock.com. Overstock has very low shipping rates, for instance this sofa has a shipping price of $2.95. Their overstuffed, leather sofa only comes in brown and costs $2,399, which is the lowered price from the original $4,399, allowing you to save 45%. The sofa is a low inventory item and will sell out periodically, so make sure that you have a back-up sofa in mind. Overstock also has a feature, which will allow a salesperson to assist you with your shopping needs online. If you don’t want your guests to get too comfortable, you may want to pass up comfort for sophistication. High Point makes a sofa (product # 53544) by the Chesterfield Collection that is literally all business (it is even called the Leather Reception Sofa). The sofa is $2,295 and comes in a variety of colors including Mahogany, Midnight, Blackberry, and Black. Make sure that you check the colors before you order because they may not match with their name. For example, one might assume that blackberry is black when, in fact, it is a deep shade of red. The High Point Sofa, along with other executive choices can be found at Nationalbusinessfurniture.com. If you are craving a more retro, contemporary choice to take over your office dÈcor, don’t worry; this style is becoming more and more popular. You cannot beat Scandinavian furniture when you want modern. There are many Scandinavian furniture retail outlets nationwide, but if you still want to browse online, try visiting Scandinaviandesigncenter.com. This site has great sofas, like the Kennedy sofa for $3,517.65, and it comes in black, grey, pink, orange, and aubergine. Another piece that screams style is the BD: 5 Easy Chair, which is by designer Bjorn Dahlstrom, and it comes in fabric or black leather for $2,375. Office furniture can be very expensive, but you should decide how you want to allocate your company’s funds before you blow all of your money on a reception desk or a sofa.

The next thing that you need to decide for your reception area is what type of tables you are going to buy. The trick with office coffee tables is that you want them to look expensive without having to spend a lot of money. People are going to literally beat up the wooden furniture in your lobby, so don’t waste time spending excessive amounts because you are going to have to replace the tables more often than you do any other piece of furniture. Office Liquidators is a company out of Boulder, Colorado that sells new and used furniture. You can look at their showroom online, or you can call in an order that you want. Another obvious choice is to shop at Home Depot or Staples to get a laminate or stained table. You can always put accessories on the tables such as lamps, magazines, brochures, or vases, and no one will notice whether the table is real oak or cherry. Most people try to keep themselves busy while waiting to be seen. Another retailer that offers discounted furniture is abcoffice.com. They actually have a specific category that is set aside for lobby seating and tables. They are worth checking out, but again, remember that you get what you pay for. If you have your heart set on spending a lot of money, or if you have to because the rest of the furniture looks so expensive, try a furniture store. Even though furniture stores cater to the home environment, they do have nice, solid furniture that often times comes with warranties and discounts. However, you should take into account the size of your business because ordering in bulk from a furniture store will get costly very fast. If you need a modern look to go with all of the mod, retro furniture in your lobby, you have to try spacify.com. Granted, spacify can be expensive, but if you want to try them, a coffee table or an end table would be a good thing to try from their company without having to pay a lot.

Obviously, everyone is on the quest to find the best accent pieces for their business. You can try places that are generic like Pier 1, Target, or Pottery Barn. However, be careful with the artwork. If you are a collector, and a true admirer of art, then you can appreciate a good selection of artwork. Artprintcollecton.com is a perfect site if you want your artwork to appear more like an authentic piece of work because their prints are framed canvases. They will not come with a glass or acrylic finish, and they have themes such as photography, floral, humor, and nautical. If you want a poster imitation try the website allposters.com, and choose from over 50,000 selections. Remember that when you frame a print, you should have it matted, which will give the appearance of a real painting and not just a print. Make sure that you bring the matte in as close as you can to the actual picture.

If you have ever been a customer, of any kind, you know what kind of impression a lobby area can make. It is the equivalent to going to a bathroom in a restaurant and comparing it to how clean the place is. Generally, people will be in a better mood the more comfortable that they are. It is hard for people to escape their human nature and judge what they see. Make sure to remember that where you greet, stick, and hold people says a lot about your workplace and what you can offer as a company, whether you like it or not.

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Among the top Bay Area Website Design entrepreneurs and seasoned technology veterans is a dedicated team of creative and tech-savvy individuals with immense talent and commitment to the cause of building, promoting and effectively marketing web business solutions. One goes by the name of Wheel Media. Some of the tips incorporated for your web reading have been inspired by words and corporate ideals set forth by them, others of course, are the result of many trials and errors by successful web site designers and marketers that seek to help newbie’s find the right path.

The best online business build up tip for Bay Area Website Design needs comes in the form of a simple quote from the gurus of website gyan, who state that “Email marketing works for Amzaon.com, Pottery Barn and thousands of other companies, and it can work for you too!” Well, they would know, because they have handled many such impressive portfolios for a wide range of clients from varied industries and their results speak for themselves. An e-mail is the best way to generate interest, sustain it through further effective and useful information that is pertinent to the reader and also at the same time, be concise and relevant with text and images to hold the curiosity and attention of the potential website visitor.

The same Bay Area website design firm attributes many a success and satisfied clientele testimonial to their effective and organized management of Internet marketing strategy solutions, developed in a personalized manner for accommodating individual client needs for new marketing ideas. It is a truism that an experienced hand will make light work as will many; with a creative marketing team, branding, strategy, trial launch, market research, response records and follow-up changes (if any) can be effectively dealt with since the load is not on one or two people, being a large enough company to handle multiple client needs.

Getting creative, aesthetic and business presence enhancement help, especially when it is related to online business ventures, it is extremely important to consider a local area company that is focused on customer needs and can follow up with a proper client servicing department after initial discussions and web design quote has been tendered. Those Bay Area website design firms that began as entrepreneurs and that have a proven track record as seasoned marketing, advertising and technology veterans will definitely be in a better position to help present day online business owners select ideas that will drive sales by presenting the best variety in quality e-commerce solutions for them.

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