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Riverview Chicago Condos - Best And Most Beautiful Chicago Condos

When you are looking for a place to stay in Chicago, you need to look into the RiverView Chicago Condos. Located next to the Chicago River, they offer a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. Most importantly, you will want to make sure that the surrounding area has everything that you can want to match this gorgeous neighborhood. It is located in a place that is very accessible to everything. You will be able to reach most of the shops and other neighborhood areas within thirty minutes. Taking a trip through the surrounding area, you will see that this is a good choice when looking for Chicago condos to call home.

Facing the RiverView Chicago Condos, you will notice North McClurg Court running on the west side of the buildings. Going five blocks down will bring you to Starbucks for coffee. The next block will bring you to the CBS studios and one more block down will bring you to the VA Hospital and all the small clinics that it has available. Coming back to the front of the RiverView Chicago Condos, you can turn left and travel down the beautiful river walk along the Chicago River. As you stroll down past Columbus Drive, you will soon come to the wonderful University of Chicago and the NBC Tower. Going on the riverwalk a little longer will bring you right up to Michigan Avenue. Michigan Avenue is stretched over a mile and offers the shopper with over 460 stores to choose from. If you need it or want it, you will definitely be able to find it here.

Turning down Michigan Avenue will bring into view stores and shops galore. Directly on the right after leaving the riverwalk, you will see the Tribute Tower. Continuing down Michigan Avenue, you will be able to enjoy shopping at such stores as the Gap, Guess, Eddie Bauer, Cartier, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Ralph Lauren, Pottery Barn, and Tiffany & Company are also along the left side of Michigan Avenue. Traveling up Michigan Avenue and over to the right will take you to Chicago Avenue. You can enjoy the Looking Glass Theatre and the Museum of Contemporary Art. These are amazing places to visit if you are culturally centered. If you choose something a little less crowded and more relaxing, you can visit one of the many parks along Chicago Avenue. If you are into the nightlife and food of Chicago, Michigan Avenue will not disappoint you. You can get everything from a famous Chicago steak to the quaintest of coffee and tea shops.

Directly across from the RiverView Chicago Condos is, of course, the Chicago River. You can ride across and visit the many businesses there. The Blue Cross Blue Shield building is also located on that side of the river. The Hard Rock Hotel, across the Chicago River, is for those that want a bit of trendy fun. Finally, you can look to the East and see the majestic Lake Michigan. The RiverView Chicago Condos overlook this river and allow you to stand on your private balcony and enjoy. Nothing can be better than the exquisite view that awaits you from atop the RiverView Chicago Condos.

Scattered through the surrounding neighborhood, you will find some of the most prestigious shops and restaurants. Bike riding tours, studios of dance, and water tours are also available for anyone with the urge to explore and expand. If relaxing at home is not enough for you can find some of the most mind and body freeing spas in Chicago. You can be certain that all of them are right near the beautiful RiverView Chicago Condos. Not only will you be able to get to work every day with ease, you will be able to shop and relax at the parks without going far from home. Each and every season also shows off the beautiful surroundings with fireworks and flowers and festivals galore. With the RiverView Chicago Condos, you will have luxury homes with the finest amenities and you will be surrounded by the finest of Michigan Avenue and of everything else it offers.

Keith Frank writes about Chicago new construction condos. He lives in the Gold Coast with his wife.

Home Staging - When Choosing Colors, Play Follow the Leader!

Good design in home staging doesn’t just happen. It requires a well thought out plan. A plan to creatively mix, layer, and weave together a tapestry of colors and textures that, when done well, will result in a stylishly inviting home with broad “buyer appeal”!

When it comes to the world of color, I’ve learned the importance of knowing how to use just the right combination of hues to create drama, give an otherwise non-descript room a personality, as well as accentuate key areas and architectural details of the home. And of course, color can make the difference between a home that feels warm and inviting versus one that gives off a cold, sterile and unwelcoming message to prospective buyers.

Color choices are powerful . . . with the right paint colors you can easily, and affordably update the look of a home, both inside and out. With the right accent colors you can transform a rather drab and lifeless room into one that is both exciting and memorable. With the right color selections you can psychologically communicate with your buyer . . . using reds to convey a message of power and excitement, blues to evoke feelings of tranquility, shades of pink have been proven to have a calming effect, while choosing golden yellows will signify happiness and light. And if you want to create a feeling of life and growth be sure to incorporate shades of greens into your color scheme.

But how are you supposed to know what the right color choices are . . . what the latest color trends in home furnishings are that will update the look of your home while sending out all the right messages? The answer to this question is easy. Just learn how to play follow the leader! Check out what’s hot and what’s not at Pier I, Pottery Barn, Z Gallery, Restoration Hardware, Metropolis . . . just to name a few. They are some of the trend spotters in the industry who have done the research, and have taken the guesswork out of our job! Their color selections are current, have been tested for marketability, and have been designed to coordinate well together to help us create the ever important color flow which needs to be carried from interior to exterior, room to room! No longer should you settle for “broker beige”. Just have fun with it . . . whether you choose Cornflower, Ghurka, Jackson Tan, Leaf, Linen or Cardinal . . . you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve made color choices which are current – will appeal to the masses – and help to better stage your home for a quicker, more profitable sale. Happy Staging!

Jeannene Edwards, owner of Interiors Defined, Inc. is a professional home stager and licensed interior designer in Orlando, Florida. In addition to her interior design and home staging services, Jeannene has merged with David Edwards Construction, a division of Interiors Defined, Inc., enabling them to now offer complete architectural design and building services to further meet the needs of their clientel. Jeannene is a notable speaker known for her exciting and informative seminars. Her award winning designs and ‘how-to’ articles have been widely published in newspapers, magazines and trade manuals nationally. For additional information regarding her Step by Step E-Staging Guide, or the many other services offered by Interiors Defined, Inc. please contact Jeannene Edwards or David Edwards at: http://interiorsdefined.com/ http://idihomestaging.com/

and http://davidedwardsgc.com/

The City Known as Big D

The eighth-largest city in the United States, is Dallas known to locals as simply Big D.

Dallas is extremely spread out, covering nearly 400 square miles. Traditionally, most people have worked in the down town central business district and commuted to their homes in residential districts primarily north and east. It is the top business and leisure destination in Texas.

The lowest point in Dallas history came on November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on a downtown street. The event cast the city in an awful light.

Dallas has suddenly become resolutely cosmopolitan, with chic and sophisticated pan-Asian, Italian, and South western newcomers injecting life into the local dining scene. With a density of restaurants greater than New York City, it is truly a food lover’s town.

They like to boast that they have more shopping per capita in this city than any other in the United States.

Greenville Avenue is one of the oldest entertainment areas in Dallas and is home to many eclectic and boutique shops as well as great bars, live entertainment clubs, and restaurants. Knox Street boasts a variety of restaurants as well as unique furniture stores and antique galleries. Anchor stores include Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Smith & Hawken, Weir’s.

Dallas has a lively night life, with enough in the way of performing arts and theatre to entertain highbrows. More than enough bars and clubs to satisfy the young and the restless. In fact, in recent years the live music scene claims to have outpaced that of Austin which continues to call itself the Live Music Capital of the World.

The Dallas Zoo is located on over 95 hilly acres and showcasing some of the largest animals in the wild, including tigers, giraffes lions, elephants and the recently renovated Dallas Zoo is best known for its Wild of Africa exhibit.

Fair Park is Dallas’ largest cultural centre, and an historical treasure of national importance. Established in 1880, Fair Park is owned and operated by the City of Dallas and has nearly 300 acres of museums, exhibit facilities, and park areas. Alone, it rivals many cities in its diverse selection of meeting venues. It is also home to eight museums, an IMAX Theatre, a planetarium.

The Cotton Bowl Aquarium is an outdoor amphitheatre, Music Hall at Fair Park. Broadway shows, ballet, opera, and over one-hundred special events and cultural festivals are held here each year.

Douglas Scott writes and works for The Car Hire Specialist. and is a free lance writer for The Dallas Rental Site

Power Shopping in Mississauga

As one of Canada’s largest municipalities and the convergence of several major international routes, the city of Mississauga is home to numerous opportunities sure to thrill any shopper. From tackling some of the country’s biggest malls to window shopping at specialty stores on the street, Mississauga shoppers will find all that they need for a successful day of power shopping. Here are a few of the many different alternatives Mississauga offers for the enthusiastic shopper.

Meadowvale Town Centre: Meadowvale is a small community located within the larger boundaries of the Mississauga area. For those who want to take advantage of great shopping beyond the crowds to be found in the city proper, Meadowvale Town Centre offers a variety of stores and a distinctly pleasant atmosphere. The site offers five different beauty salons as well as a cobbler and engraving specialist. Clothing stores include Dome, Crazy Lee’s, and Cavery Fashions.

Sherway Gardens: This huge mall will be sure to delight any fan of big city shopping. The stylish building encompasses 500,000 square feet of space which contains over 240 retail stores. The sleek modern exterior is perfectly complemented by the beautiful gardens, fountains and skylights of the interior. This mall claims to be the safest and cleanest big shopping experience to be found in the Greater Toronto Area. Fans of upscale and mid grade stores alike will find their favorites in Sherway Gardens, which is home to Holt Renfrew, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Lululemon. In addition, shoppers can find department store stalwarts such as Sears and The Bay as well as upscale boutiques and goods shops such as the Pottery Barn.

Square One. The largest mall in Mississauga rivals in size almost every other mall in Canada with over 1.6 million square feet of retail space. This mall is truly a unique experience; aside from the many shopping opportunities, it houses several community clubs and even a church! The shopping experience includes a huge food court as well as many other established restaurants, and of course the selection of over 350 different stores and boutiques. Shoppers can find stores at Square One that are unique in Ontario, such as jewelry experts Swatch and La Swiss. Shop for ladies’ fashions from well known names such as La Senza and Sirens to top of the line boutiques including Hamiko Collection and Jacob Connexion. Banana Republic, the Gap, Guess? and Tommy Hilfiger are also represented inside this huge mall.

Shopping in Mississauga truly offers an amazing variety of opportunities and experiences. From the small town feel of village centres to the organized bustle found in huge shopping malls, there is an experience perfectly suited to every shopper.

Mississauga is a quickly growing (the population has roughly doubled in past twenty years) and multicultural city; there are many Mississauga homes for sale at any given time.