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Kids Bath Rugs : Selection Tips

If you are going to accessorize your kids’ bathroom then selecting the very appropriate bath rug is a necessary thing as any wrong selection can mar the complete bathroom furnishing. You will find all colors of rainbows, bright shades and all types of cartoon characters on the kids bathroom rugs. Furthermore girls and boys bath rugs differ in color, designs and patterns. So it is very common to see pink color bath rugs in girl’s bathroom and blue one in the boy’s bathroom. So make sure to pick the right one for your kid.

Selecting the Perfect Style & Color

Now giving a vibe that is according to the kid’s taste is very important. So first of all try to figure out what your kid likes the most. It will include the color preference, character penchant and style. Build your theme around this. Like if you have a girl child then most likely she will go for butterfly bath rug in pink or red color. Also you can find fish, flower, Barbie pattern for the kids bath rug. On the other hand bathroom rugs for boys can be most commonly seen in the shapes of cars, football, dinosaur, et al. But there is no clear cut demarcation as bathroom furnishing is again a personal choice. You can then also select the matching face towels, hand towels, shower curtain for your kid’s bathroom. But select the most suitable ones and make the kids bathroom a lively retreat.

Check for Rug Pad
Do not forget to look for the safety in any kind of kids bathroom rug. For this check the rug for rug pad that are mandatory as these make the bath rugs anti-slippery and imparts life to it as well.

Organic Kids Bath Rug
Children must know the importance of environment and its safety. So prefer to buy the bathroom rug for your kids that are considered green and eco friendly & let the kids also feel the green environment. Here you can go for bamboo bath rug, cotton bath rugs, hemp and woolen kids bath rugs. These fabrics are made from 100% organically grown yarn. So these rugs wont have any pesticides and thus without any ill effects.

Check for Water Absorbing Tendency
Kids because of their nature tend to ply with water and throw it all around. So always go for the bath rug that has maximum water absorbing tendency. Bamboo bath rug has the highest water absorbing capacity. Cotton and wool can also come into your choice then.  

Hope these points will help you in selecting the most appropriate bath rug for your kid’s bathroom.

Major Children Bathroom Rugs Brands

Pottery Barn JCPenny L L Bean Nautica Avanti

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Learn about to the Cedar Patio Furniture

Properties of Cedar Wood

Cedar is a member of the pine family, found in North America, Asia, and Africa. Several qualities make cedar wood a desirable material for manufacturing cedar patio furniture. First, cedar wood exhibits a long lasting beauty as compared to other softwood. It also has a lower chance of warping because its cell walls are thinner, allowing it to shrink and swell less as compared to other wood types.

Hence, items of cedar wood would not easily warp, split, or cup. Naturally, cedar wood is resistant to decay and insect attacks while remaining light, strong, and free of pitch and resin. Finally, when it comes to painting, staining, and gluing, cedar wood is unsurpassed in excellence. Though weathering will turn cedar color to a pleasant gray, a protective coating should be used to preserve the original richness of color.

Caring for Cedar Patio Furniture

It is common among many people to leave cedar patio furniture outdoor without any artificial means of caring. Usually it does not stain nor decay, although its color is altered to a pleasant-looking silver-gray, however, continuous weathering outside will eventually bring dark streaks. To cope with this, you can use various types of finishes. e.g. wood sealer, stain, or paint.

Stain finishes protect the wood from degrading effects of solar radiation. Before applying a pigmented stain, it is advisable to apply it to a small portion to see whether the desired effect results, but oil finishes are not to be used for cedar patio furniture. The most natural form of oil finish applicable to cedar wood is Linseed oil, though it will help retain the look for only a maximum of two years or so.

Buying Cedar Patio Furniture

The readily usable online source for buying cedar products for the home and garden is Cedarshoppe.com. A great variety of cedar products are available like beds, tables, chairs, picnic sets, garden arbors, porch swings, gliders, potting benches, planters, and other lawn and garden accents. Homedepot.com and Pottery Barn are other useful centers.

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Cotton Bath Towels, Monogrammed Bath Towels, Hooded Bath Towels for Kids

Your bath towel is no longer soft to feel and has also started to ruffle in certain areas, which means that it is the time to change your bath towel. The market of bath towels has attained a gigantic silhouette so is not difficult to find the astonishing color, unique style and marvelous pattern of bath towel that you are interested in to buy. Therefore apart from the softness of the fabric, bath towels have huge variety these days. Embroidered bath towels, cotton bath towels, monogrammed bath towels and other types are included in these different styles.

Cotton bath towels are the choice of most of the buyers across the world. The price range vary a lot in this category. Like from very cheap bath towels you will find the expensive ones that are made from Egyptian cotton. Some of the cotton bath towels are very thin and rough so avoid purchasing these as it wont absorb water for which the towel is basically used. Again in the category of cotton bath towels it is not at all hard to find the designer and decorative segment. Embroidery is the most common way to decorate the towel but will will also find jacquard prints and simple prints in these cotton towels that attract the buyers.

Cotton bath towels are considered as the best towels if made from organic cotton as these towels wont cause any type of allergy or other reactions to the body. Organic towels are also safe for the environment. To buy these online, you can check Pristine Planet, Yahoo Shopping, Nextag and Allergy Buyers Club that have range of organic cotton bath towels along with towels from other organic material like bamboo, linen and hemp.

Apart from this, you can also buy personalized bath towels and monogrammed bath towels. Monogrammed bath towels are the towels on which you can have your name, few sentences, any alphabet embroidered on the towel. Monogrammed bath towels are mostly used in the large families just to distinguish the individual towel. Decorative and designer bath towels are also used as bathroom furnishing product.

You will be amazed to see even more variety in the category of bath towels for kids. Especially for new born babies and for the kids of 1-5 years special hooded bath towels are made by the manufacturers that wrap the kids from head to toe. Bath towels for kids by and large have bright colors and amazing images of cars, cartoons, flowers, space etc. The images on bath towels for boys and girls are different. All the shades of blue with cars and rocking images can be seen on bath towels for boys where as for girls shades of pink having soft images of lowers, Barbie dolls,  home etc are made.
These are really useful and must be the part of your kid’s bathroom.

Bath Towels Brands

Christy Renaissance Egyptian Cotton Towels Barbara Barry MARTEX Marrikas Under The Nile Homespell

Hooded Bath Towel Brands

Pottery Barn Kids Mullins Square Trend Lab BUD Sleeping Partners Kidsline

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Web Commercial: Pottery Barn in Bariloche

Filmed and edited by Ginger Gentile, we go on a magical journey to the Cypress forrests in Bariloche. In the heart of the Andes, Pottery Barn uses cypresses that have died naturally to make it´s dining room table. The result is a beautiful table that helps the forrest stay healthy by clearing it of dead wood.

Table Mats and Coasters for Christmas

Christmas is near and your are shopping for the table setting in which table mats and coasters for Christmas are one of the necessary items. Table mats also called placemats beautifully decorate your table and also keep your table cloth free from any possible stain of vegetable oil or wax. Also to keep the hot coffee mug you need coasters. You will find very trendy looking table mats and coasters that will match your entire decor.

Before buying you will have to consider the number of table mats and coaster that you need. You can buy the table mats set having four, six, eight or twelve table mats in it. Or you can buy the loose table mats in numbers that you need. Then check for the color you want to purchase. This depends upon your table decoration. But as we all know that red is the symbol of Christmas so you must buy the table mats and coasters in red color. You will find stripes, quilted embroidered, printed and plain table mats in this category. Also you can purchase the matching napkin rings for more decoration.

Fabric for Table Mats and Coasters
Table mats and coasters can be of varied fabrics. So depending upon what you are looking for you can buy

Cotton table mats Bamboo table mats Leather table mats Jute table mats Linen table mats Plastic table mats Disposable table mats

Cotton table mats for Christmas are the most common to see as you can find varied prints, colors and styles on these which are hard to get on other types of these table linen products. These have snow scenes, pics of Santa, gifts, Christmas tree on it as table mat designs. Also you will find these on polyester fabric. Along with this bamboo table mats and coasters are getting popular as these are very easy to clean. Bamboo is used for more ethnic and traditional look. Jute table mats also comes in the category of bamboo mats in terms of appearance and feel.  Even for the Christmas you can use linen, plastic or disposable table mats. Leather table mats are mostly used for very formal dinners and parties.

Disposable placemats are used in case of large parties and get together that are common during Christmas. Disposable table mats are made from the paper that looks like linen but can be used just once. So if you do not want to keep your self busy even after the party then go for the disposable table mats.

To further spruce up your table decoration during Christmas you need to buy decorative table mats and coasters. You can also purchase the quilted table mats for this matter. These look really nice on the table and very soft to touch. To make these, many colorful pieces of clothes are used which are then sewed and quilted in a pre-defined pattern. You can also give these as a gift to your family and friends during this Christmas season.

So decorating table with Christmas table mats and coasters can be a fun.

Table Mats and Coasters Brands

Horchow Kim Seybert Pottery Barn Now Designs Williams Sonoma

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