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Daybed Skirts, Daybed Ruffled Bed Skirts for Bedding

Daybeds are used to sleep during day as the name says but it differs in structure and appearance from the normal bed. Daybeds are used in living room, bed rooms, dining rooms or family room. Daybeds are also confused with futon, which can be extended to form a bed from couch. Daybed are more ornamental and can be decorated with daybed skirts, comforters, pillows and bed covers etc. Daybed Skirts hide the box springs and legs of the day bed so must be used. Cotton, linen, polyester are mostly used to make daybed ruffled bed skirts for bedding as these have natural flares in them when used. But you can also get denim daybed skirts, satin, organza and silk daybed ruffled bed skirts.

If you do not like the plain piece of cloth that is ruffled for the bed skirts then you can also check for the range of embroidered daybed skirts, crochet, printed day bed skirts. Crochet can be done at the end or in between the fabric. You will also find laces and braids that beautify the bed skirts further for classy bedding. Moreover, these days, detachable bed skirts that have zip and velcro for easy removal from the bed without disturbing the mattress are also there for you. The size of the daybed skirts depends upon the size of the day bed. So you have large size daybed then get these custom done for comfortable fit and great bed and bedding furnishings.

Various Daybed Skirt Brands
Southern Textiles churns out wide range of daybed skirts with other bedding and linen products. Southern Textiles is known for its product and innovative designs. You can go for the Legacy Daybed Ensemble of this brand which is made from 100% polyester fabric and contains daybed bed skirt, comforter and three standard shams. The size of the comforter is 95” x 61″. You can get these at very reasonable price which is $249.

Nautica is another brand that sells daybed skirts in standard size. Buy the complete day bed set that is made from 100% cotton. This includes daybed skirt (100% cotton & 310 thread count), pillow shams and bed cover. The bold colors of the stripes give it a sophisticated as well as a trendy look. The day bed skirts has 12” drop.

Pottery Barn is famous for very natural shades and stylish beddings. So the daybed skirts of this famous brand is not different from its other products in quality and appearance. Pure organic cotton is used to make daybed bed skirts having geometric metalasse. These daybed skirts are available in both inverted as well as regular pleats.

Kozy Komfort is known for durable, comfortable and quality of its products. From 18” to 21” daybed ruffled bed skirts are there with Kozy Komfort. The color for this are burgundy, solid rose, white, seafoam and black with thread count of 200. these daybed bed skirts are made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton with split corners.

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Posting an Array of Coffee Tables

If you are a shopper looking for a coffee table, you may know already what you want or you may sift through many ads then travel to many stores. This article can give you a small idea of what is out there and the prices which you may find. Many stores like Ikea, Target, or Sears sell very nice pieces of furniture for reasonable prices. You can also get many higher end pieces at other retailers such as furniture stores or other merchants like Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn.

One piece is a coffee table sold online. It is a modern type called the Contemporary 48-inch coffee table. It is a tempered glass-top coffee table that is rectangular in shape. The legs are located at the ends and form a unique x-shape. The legs are made of wood, and a wood panel sits underneath as a second shelf. This goes for $190, and it would accent a modern living room well.

Another table is the modern 38-inch black mesh coffee table. This smaller table would fit well in a contemporary home that would like to save on space. It has an oval glass top supported by metal legs in an arch form. Connected to the legs are four posts which hold the glass atop. Within the posts is a mesh which can be used as an extra shelving. This sell at $97.

A wonderful coffee table which has a slight elegance is the Diamond Inlay coffee table. It would fit well in a homier setting with larger living room pieces such a tan, fabric or leather sofa. It is made of wood and rectangular in shape. It has legs, hand-carved that give it more distinction. The top is veneer and the apron has diamond inlays. This table is $220.

Depending on the type of wood and the craftsmanship, some coffee tables can hold a bit of a larger pricetag. However, they could still be worth the money. Two very beautiful coffee tables are sold at Crate and Barrel. One is the Dover coffee table. It is very traditional with one layer with no second shelving. It is made of mango wood but stained a clover color. It is rectangular in shape, and sells at $499.

The next table at Crate and Barrel is a Display small coffee table. It is a smaller version of the original Display table. This is also a beautiful wood piece which contains two drawers to hold knick knacks. It is 4 1/2′ long with a glass top sitting within the wood. This is also made of mango wood but stained a walnut color. The drawers are pulled with bronze knobs giving it a sturdy and authentic look.

One very popular store today is Ikea. They sell very appealing furniture for very good prices. There is a huge selection at this store, however, one example is the Lilleberg. It is rectangular, and the legs have a slant downward to allow for a lower shelf which is wider. It is catching to the eye, and it is only $70. It is made from birch with a clear lacquer.

There is a much larger selection, but this has been a small description of the types of coffee tables available. These are all very nice tables fitting in the setting of many rooms.

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The Ultimate Shopping Vacations and Entertainment Places in America

The ultimate shopping hangout in America is the Mall of America which is situated in Bloomington in Minnesota. It is the countrys biggest entertainment center. It has loads of attractions. The number of stores in this mall is around 520. The mall also has a huge number of restaurants, night clubs and AMC theaters. Some special events are also organized here. However you cannot see everything in the mall in one day and hence you need some time.

Americas largest theme park is Camp Snoopy. The park offers lots of fun rides like their latest roller coaster and spiraling Timberland Twister. The park occupies 7 acres of land and it has 30 amazing and fun filled rides. There are 9 amazing places to eat. The place has loads of entertainment and you can also shop here. The kids surely love this theme park.

Enjoy 4 stories of LEGO fun at the Lego Imagination Center. You can just watch it, play it or buy it. You can see the worlds largest animated interactive LEGO clock tower and there are about ninety LEGO models on display. These include astronauts, dinosaurs and many more. It is a must see place.

Visit the Underwater Adventures if you love adventure. Here one has to go down 14 feet (under water) and then you have stingrays, sharks and sea turtles so close to you. It is an experience on its own. This huge aquarium contains 1.2 million gallons of water. It has a long tunnel which is around 300 foot in length. There is also a moving walkway. You will actually feel that you can touch these marine animals. This is the closest you can be to them. The Discovery travel channel voted this as Worlds Best Shark Encounter and so you have to see it to believe it. There are about 4,500 marine animals here.

You can have a lot of fun at Jillians. There are 16 big TV screens at this Video Cafe for sports viewing. There is also a cool menu with delicious entrees, appetizers and not to forget desserts. There are a number of billiard tables. There is also a game room which has all the latest simulation and electronic games. Hi-Life Lanes is an excellent bowling alley and it also has great places to dine and several other things.

If you like speed and adventure, try NASCAR. This electrifying indoor car racing competition runs at 195 mile per hour. You can start with this high tech game right away. Just sit into the cockpit and get off. This stock car racing is actually very close to the real car racing.

Americas liveliness is all thanks to the nightclubs especially Americas Original Sports Bar, Flashbaxx, Players and Ltl Dittys. These places have everything from karaoke, pool, live bands to dueling pianos, dancing and many other things. You can know about fighter pilots from ACES Flight Simulation. You can actually fly the F-18 Hornet jet fighter here. You can also fly the old WWII P-51 Mustang. You will actually feel as if you are flying an aircraft. This is an experience which you should not miss.

Minnesota has many things to offer. Travel to the Twin Cities; know for intriguing theater, art museums, sculpture garde and fine orchestras. Pacific Place has all the dining, shopping and entertainment centers. You can shop at some of the best stores here like Tiffany & Co, Coach, MaxMara, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Chicos, Helly Hanson, Pottery Barn, L Occitane, Noble and Williams-Sonoma and Barnes. There is also the AMC Theatre complex which has 11 screens. Nordstrom store is the right place for food, film and fashion. Fir visiting this place, you have to cross the Skybridge Connection. However the best shopping is what is done by sitting at home, through eBay. You can find everything you want for your home from here.

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Feng Shui Tips for Furniture Placement in a Small Space

The process of using Feng Shui techniques to de-clutter and downsize (from a previous article) has been very challenging, intense, and at times overwhelming.  When I first moved in and looked at the chaos in my living room – it looked like a train wreck between Pottery Barn and Chico’s!  However, I stayed on track with my determination to establish a more peaceful living space and continued to use my Feng Shui principles to accomplish this.

From the outset, I made the decision to take my favorite pieces of furniture, pictures, accessories, books, and, of course, my 2 Japanese Bobtail cats!  And I knew I wanted to place the main, large pieces of furniture in a “power position” within each room – in order to maximize the feeling of comfort and security.

Below are some of the specific Feng Shui principles I used.  Again, the source of reference is Collins’ book, The Western Guide to Feng Shui – Room by Room.

Living Room:

Situate your sofa so that it has a view of the door. [Power position!] Strike a “just right” balance with the number of decorative items you display. [I incorporated my 2 favorite paintings as well as my Ben Owen Chinese red pottery.] Choose furnishings that are safe and comfortable, as well as beautiful. Put the TV and other electronic equipment behind closed doors.


Clean your stove, use all burners, and give the cook a commanding view. [Power position! I placed a mirror behind the stove so I could see behind me while cooking.] Organize your countertops and cabinets. Choose designs that curve or have rounded corners. [I set up my round, wrought iron table for two.] Include seating in the kitchen. Replace or minimize the use of fluorescent lighting. [I like using light bulbs that closely replicate natural light, such as GE Reveal bulbs.]


Place your bed so that you can see the door. [Power position!] Move desks and exercise equipment to other rooms, or screen them from the bed. [I only have room for my bed and a couple of dressers!] Either have no television in your bedroom at all, or put it in a cabinet or armoire. Drape mirrors at night, or remove them from the room. [I placed my mirrors so that I cannot see my reflection in them while lying in bed.] Select natural, sensuous linens.

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