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Penn Square Mall

Penn Square Mall is an upscale regional shopping mall in Oklahoma City. This 1,100,000-square foot, two-storey facility is located near I-44 at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and NW Expressway. Penn Square Mall also has a 10-screen theater.

The Penn Square Mall features many specialty shops, luxurious furnishings and landscapes. It is also strategically located in Oklahoma City’s business and tourism district. The anchor tenants here are Dillard’s, JC Penney and Macy’s. However, the mall is also home to stores including Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek, Georgiou, Godiva Chocolatier, J.Jill, Mr. Ooley’s (Armani/Oxxford), Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and Williams-Sonoma.

The other attractions of the mall are four full service restaurants with a rich menu that would please any food lover. These restaurants are Cantina Laredo, Elephant Bar and Restaurant, Pepperoni Grill and The Cheesecake Factory.

The Penn Square Mall was built in 1960 as an outdoor shopping center. Competition from Quail Springs Mall and Crossroads Mall caused Penn Square Mall to close in 1982 and open as a renovated mall in 1988 with a second level and food court added. The year 1995 saw further expansion and the addition of a multi-storey parking system. Following total renovation in 2000, all the six entrances were rebuilt in 2007 and 2008.

Penn Square Mall has stood the test of time, and is still one of the most popular shopping malls in Oklahoma City. Hotels arrange shuttle services to Penn Square Mall and other shopping destinations in Oklahoma City.

Penn Square Mall is an upscale regional shopping mall in Oklahoma City. OKC hotels arrange shuttle services to Penn Square Mall and other shopping destinations in Oklahoma City. The Bricktown Hotel and Convention Center is one of the finest hotels in Oklahoma City.

The Right Coffee Table For You

Coffee tables are nice additions to your family room or living room. We spend most of our time on the big items like the couch or the dining room set, but we also appreciate a nice center piece to our living rooms. When shopping we consider the price and how it will look in our homes. Many stores realize that and offer great selection to meet those needs. This article will review some examples of coffee tables and the prices in which they are selling. There is a coffee table to meet most everyone’s needs.

One store which has a great deal of appeal to the shopper is Ikea. They have developed a great system to provide consumers with attractive furniture for moderate prices. One table which they have is the Markor. It is a wood piece with two drawers, and it is made of solid pine. The designer is Carina Beng, and it is a reasonable $169. It has only one level compared to others which might have a second shelf underneath. However, it is a beautiful coffee table.

Some people are satisfied with the nice table top sitting at the front of their sofa. A Lack table at Ikea serves as that, and it comes in a pretty white color. It is a long table to set your decorations up or to serve your tea at parties. This table is a very good deal at $40.

More substantial tables are available at other stores like JCPenney. They have many pieces of furniture for the home, and one of their beautiful coffee tables is the Pyramid table. It is shaped into a flat-topped chest. It can store things as a chest, and it has latches similar to a real chest. It has an oak finish and costs about $200.

JCPenney has such a nice selection, and there are many tables to choose from. Another nice table is the Dunbar Storage Cocktail table. It’s a very beautiful piece with six drawers with brass handles. A lovely characteristic about this table is its round knob legs. This allows the table to be low setting. It is a beautiful table and is $299.

Pottery Barn has rather modern furniture which suits certain people’s needs. One can find many stylish pieces such as the Tanner coffee table. It is all glass with two levels. It is supported by hammered-iron frames, and it has a simple but elegant appearance. This sells for $399 and is a sight to see.

The Chloe table also comes from the Pottery Barn. It is a single level hardwood table. It is long yet has a sleek appearance. The legs are slightly flared near the bottom. It is $300, and the customer can choose the finish of the wood.

This is only a small list of coffee tables, but checking out websites and going to your preferred stores is the best way to choose. Deals are usually available, and sometimes, prices can be negotiated. Again, there are many stores and many coffee tables, so if you keep searching, the right price and table will appear.

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Unique Dollhouses to Add to Your Collection

When we think about what a dollhouse looks like, we are typically crammed with the picture of a traditional home, a Victorian style home, or perhaps a country cottage. These dollhouses bring about pictures of mom and dad in the kitchen while the youngsters play in their bedroom. It is all about using the imagination for family role-playing. But, there is a whole wide world of dollhouses outside the conventional house. These unique dollhouses will open up a new world of role-playing for children and new collectible chances for adults.

Each of these unique dollhouses opens up a lot of probabilities. Youngsters have the ability to use their imagination in all different settings. Youngsters and adults alike have the ability to grow their tiny collection with exciting and surprising structures.

The country store is a small dollhouse that may be used well as a display piece. It has true potential if adorned with care. The fire station is true to life and even encompasses the firemen?s pole. There’s room for fire wagons as well as a bunk area for the fire fighters. The barn includes areas for the animals as well as a wonderful loft.

These wood dollhouse kits are available from Real Good Toys, a great company that sells both unique and standard dollhouse designs. Some of the kits,eg the country store, come with small accessories.

There is a wonderful sense of achievement to building a dollhouse from nothing. Each of these designs creates something very different. The lighthouse kit boasts electricity, bringing the completed version to life. The church contains a ringing church bell. These dollhouse models are perfect as a relaxing past-time or maybe as a bonding experience for brothers or parent and child.

These five unique dollhouse designs are just the start. The barn, church, country store, New Britain lighthouse, and fire station are all great additions for miniature collectors.

You can read more at Pottery Barn Canada

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Quick and Easy Apartment Decorating Ideas

If what you see when you walk into your living room is a work over low table, bare walls, and Mom’s sea froth green with mustard yellow paisleys couch, you seriously need a change. You want something that fits you! But what if you do not have the funds to buy that beautiful $2,000 nutmeg suede settee in last month’s Pottery Barn catalog? Are you stuck? Fully not.

Here’s how to make do with what you have, add some newness-and cause it look excellent for under $100.

It isn’t a new sofa….

Slip covers are the most effective way to go. For cheap slip covers, hit up your outlet malls or get online. The least expensive site I’ve found for slip covers is overstock.com. They even have nutmeg suede slipcovers! It’s not Pottery Barn, but hey, it is not sea froth green either. I’ve seen them on this site for: $29.99.

2. Spice up the “new sofa”

For cheap yet nice throw pillows, my favorite place is Ross ( TJ Maxx and Marshalls also work). Hopefully you have one of these stores in your city! Another choice is to get throw pillow slip covers too. I’ve seen new throw pillows at Ross for as cheap as: $7.99

3. From the windows to the wall

Painted photos particularly make you appear to be you given a large amount of thought to decorating your apartment-oh, and that you’re also well-rounded and cultured ( so long as they are not paintings of an old woman on a bear skin rug ). You can spend around $20 for 2.

4. From footage to picture-perfect

Start with your used low table. Pictures aren’t your thing? You can also take paper coasters from eateries and organize them on the table top. Then add table top glass in the same shape as your low table to set over your photographs or coasters.

Hit up Craigslist for the glass. I’ve seen a nice one for $15. These coasters tend to be subtle yet appealing, and frankly, they are just cooler.

2 Paintings- $20

Glass for table-$15

You’ve just revamped the major focal points of your living room. Be proud of where you live and make it you.

You can read more at: Pottery Barn Furniture Outlet.

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