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Pottery Barn for Kids Nursery Tips

Congratulations you have a new child on the way, ! Without doubt you’re excited about the coming birth and you in all likelihood have a ceaseless list of projects you need to get finished ahead of the baby’s arrival. One of the things at the top of your list is likely getting the  baby’s room prepared. No doubt you need quality products for your nursery, and one outstanding brand to think about is Pottery Barn Kids Products. They are recognized as being quality, cozy, and beautifully designed. If you’re not sure where to start when decorating your baby’s room with Pottery Barn Kids Products, here are a couple of tips to get you on your way to decorating a beautiful nursery for your new baby.

Tip #1 – Pick out a Décor that Will endure Through the Toddler Years – While you are decorating your nursery with Pottery Barn Kids products, it’s best to select a décor that will last though the toddler years. You don’t need to immediately change your nursery when they get to the toddler stages, as this could become costly rapidly. Therefore, go with a décor that will look fantastic in your nursery and that will continue looking great while your child gets to be a toddler as well.

Tip #2 – Go with Superior Bedding Options – Naturally you’ll likewise prefer to go with quality bedding options when you’re decorating a room for your child also. The bedding ought to be well made, and typically cotton embodies the best choice, as it’s comfortable and will not cause your baby to be to hot or allow them to become too cold. All the same, you likely won’t want to spend a fortune on the baby bedding, because infants frequently have a way of making messes on the sheets. Therefore, while you want quality bedding that will let your child sleep in comfort, you do not need to buy something you can’t easily replace either.

Tip #3 – Pick out Furniture that performs Double Duty – whenever you are choosing furniture for the nursery, go with furniture that is going to perform double duty for you. Nowadays you are able to get a lot of dressers that double as changing tables also. Not only will it save you money while you are decorating the nursery, but it will preserve space in the room also.

Tip #4 – Avoid Heavy Covers – while you are decorating the baby’s room with Pottery Barn Kids products, be sure that you avoid heavy covers for your infant. Blankets that are too heavy could be life-threatening, particularly if it accidentally gets pulled up over the head of your infant. Therefore, opt for lighter covers that agree with the rest of the room’s décor.

Tip #5 – Keep the Pillows and Cushions Out of the Crib – finally, as you’re decorating the baby’s room, keep the pillows and cushions out of the crib. Sure, you might find some amazing Pottery Barn Kids cushions or pillows that would look lovely, just use them someplace else in the nursery other than in the crib. Pillows or cushions in the crib could increase the chance of SIDS.

My name is Ryan. I am a married father of soon to be three. My wife and I run a Pottery Barn for Kids website, to help you find great deals on Pottery Barn for Kids products. I hope you enjoy our tips and enjoy your new baby.

Pottery Barn is Mom Porn

I really enjoy Risa Green’s column, Life on the Mommy Track, on the site Mommy Track’d. One post was my launch point for this video. I think Pottery Barn catalogs are like going to open houses on a Sunday: It’s fun to imagine living in a place with no piles of stuff, where a scented candle is always ablaze.Share

Pottery Barn Slip Covers - a Slip Cover for All Types of Furniture

Are you in the market for a new slipcover? Have you taken a look at the Pottery Barn slip covers? Many people don’t realize that the Pottery Barn has a wide selection of slipcovers for any type of home furniture. Here’s a look at how they can help provide a solution to protecting your nice furniture.

The Pottery Barn has been in business and going strong for close to 60 years. They have been recognized as a leader of nice home furnishings and have stores throughout the United States.

What makes things even more convenient is their online catalog. You can browse through all their slip covers for sofas, chairs, ottomans and more. Are you looking for a sectional sofa slipcover? Chances are you will find exactly what you need.

Pottery Barn slip covers come in all types of materials, colors and sizes. Basically, if you can imagine it, they can provide a cover to suit your taste.

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If you are considering changing the decor in your living room, family room, or just want to protect a piece of furniture, Pottery Barn slip covers are well worth checking into.

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